Snippet of my up coming book







“I want you to do that again”

“do what again?”

“dominate me. I want you to do what you did to me that day again and I want you to do it here and now” 

“you didn’t even talk to me after that night and it freaked me out. So if you are going to be like that again I won’t dominate you” 

“but I want you to” 

“Jenny, you stayed away from me for two weeks after that night, seeing me everyday in class, you refused to do the detention in my lecture room and you haven’t been attending my classes. I would quit my job just to be with you just like I won’t unleash that part of me if it’s going to scare you.”

“well Proffessor Hunt, I like that part of you. I want the sexy hot beast that you unleashed that night. I want you to fuck me rough and bad. I fucking want you to dominate me Mr Hunt and I promise I will never run from that dominant side of you and I don’t want you to run from it either” 

Hey guys this is a snippet of something that I am working on and I hope you will love it because I have never enjoyed writing a book like I enjoy writing this one.

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