A dream of a lone girl

It’s such a haunting image, The beauty of your eyes, 

The way they hold so much strength in them, 

They way they cunningly pierce into mine, 

They way they are so miraculous, 

The way they conjure all my fantasies, 

The way they dig into myself and unleash the crazy girl I never knew I was, 

The way they got me thinking, 
Thinking of what you would do to me, 

How you would do it, 

How you would marvel my body with them, 

How they arouse me when they leer at me. 
Those hands, 

They are so good looking, 

So strong, so potent, 

I can’t help imagine how skilled those hands are, 

How they would hold me in place, 

How they would touch me, 

How they would worship me, 

How just your hands would posses me, 

How canny those hands are, how they will show me a miracle, 

Take me up to the moon, 

Have me humming and moaning, 

Have me lose my mind. 

Have me tear into many pieces and put me back together again.

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