There is nothingI shut my eyes for the sake of my imagination

There is nothing apart from him

Him the man I dream of 

Him the man I crave yet know nothing about. 
I know nothing about love

Yet I speak love

I love love

I dream of love

I want to make love to someone

I want him to make love to me

But then I am nothing. 
It pains me that I know nothing will bring me close to him

Hell he is a God

That look

That fire he has

The potency that radiates from a million miles away 

A potency that bother me in my dreams

I’m my mind

My visions

My body 


Yet I feel like am nothing. 
I feel like I don’t exist

If I existed maybe he would see me

Am I that different?

So subtle to see?

So thin to see?

Yet am so hugely built

Maybe that’s why. 

Maybe that’s why I feel like am nothing. 
Because I am nothing that he wants 

Hell a God obviously wants pure gold, diamonds and silver, 

Then what am I apart from nothing a man like him would like

Fat and flawed, would he like that?

Too young and extremely ambitious would he appreciate that?

Walks funny, legs kissing thighs inseparable

Would he see beauty in that? 
See am nothing, 

Nothing as pretty as him

Nothing like gold, diamonds and silver.

Nothing like heaven, 

Am too emotion

Too vulnerable

Too ambitious



Would he take that and mould it into his little princess?

Would he take me and mould me into the little girl he likes?

Would I drive him crazy like he drives me crazy?

Yet I know nothing about him

Just his glorious face

Perfect eyes, 

Perfect face  and strong potent presence. 
I am broken, I am nothing. 

Who sees nothing if not no one.

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t see me.

It’s just nothing.

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