Loving red

Red love

Red passion

Red lust
Red Sex 

Red dreams 

Red fantasies

Red fetishes
Red toes 

Red lips

Red tongue

Red hair

Red intimacy

Red pleasure
Red ass

Red cheeks

Red neck 

Red sex
Red rough

Red fuck

Red lick

Red caress

Red leer

Red orgasm
Red roar

Red hum

Red moan

Red cry

Red plea
Red rules

Red whips

Red pistol

Red kiss
Red voice

Red hands

Red touch

Red sex
Red lights 

Red room

Red tools

Red toys

Red lace

Red thong

Red tits

Red cunt

Red sex
Red roses

Red bed

Red seas

Red water

Red juices

Red tastes
Red ride

Red grind

Red sex fiend 

Red penetration

Red him

Red mouth

Red lips

Red sin

Red fetish

Red tongue 




Red fuck
Baby just red
It’s a tease for what I am working on stay tuned and don’t forget to check out Flawed solace on amazon and please leave a review of what you actually think, even if you didn’t like the book, just say it cause it will help me grow as a writer. And thanks to all the people that have been supporting me since I started this blog, you have made it fun and I have finally found a place where I can say something without being reticent or mortified. I love that I can be myself on this website and also be accepted the way I am. So thanks to everyone that I follow and that follows me and more who read my stuff. You are the best

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