Desperation for sex

Considering the book that I am workingon  right now, I asked my few friends and cousins about what they thought about a certain character. I do this often as if I am just causing a conversation when I am actually doing primary research for my book and normally I learn how different and self centred some of my friend and cousins are. 

This time I asked about my character in my book Dangerously Obssessed, I asked them “what is the first thing that comes the their mind when they hear about a woman who is desperate for sex” one said ‘she is lonely’ and one said ‘a weirdo’ some said ‘probably fat and only had sex once in her life, slut, probably a lonely whore, ugly, fat, virgin, etc’. In fact just to cut it short, most of their answers were literally negative, crude and bad only a few said they sometimes desperately feel the need to have sex. 

Which is why I decided to write a character that is desperate to have sex. I always want to show people that people do what ever they want and their opinion is just that. Just an opinion not a way of life. 
I think it’s natural to be desperate for sex. Of course not everyone will persue it in a healthy way but most people will probably become friend with benefits with some of their mates, or sleep with their ex or something but I think desperation is just part of being human. It’s almost just like being desperate to be in the arms of a man or desperate to be happy. Sex could simply mean a lot of different things to different people. Someone might be desperate for sex because without it they feel as though they aren’t sexually appealing or their self esteem needs a boost. Some might be desperate for sex due to missing the thrill, energy and intense hot and heavy atmosphere. Sex is means something different to everyone. 

So to cut this short, I don’t think a woman who is desperate to get it on with someone is wrong. If anything, I think everyone has that one moment where they will crave sex so bad their own vagina hurts. I think sometimes it’s natural to feel the desperation for being in the moment of sexual tension, the sexy teasing and flirtations, the tingling sensations around your body, the response of your sex to his little easy touch, the taste of his lips and more. I know for certain it is something easily famishing, astronomical, breathtaking, beautiful; hell you could name sex all wonderful things. 

And once you have a taste of a new flavour ice cream, as long as you like it; you will crave it. 

Sex is just different types of candies. Everyone loves candy but everyone also have their own unique favourite flavour.

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