Chained and caged

Broken and fixed

Open and shut

Iron and coal

Cries and tears 

Fire and burning

Blue pans and hot pot of oil

A struggle on earth 
I walked, I ran

I cried and yelled

Help help

Helped are those who help themselves 

I was saved by a butterfly in hell
He was sweet and glazed with honey

Gleaming with light

Beauty of the supernatural

An angel with no wings 

I was saved by a bird in hell
The wheel had turned upside down

I was down

He was up

He sought for me

But I was effaced by the Angel in hell
The struggle to breath

Burried beneath the sea

Befriending with the weeds 

Stabbed by the fish

Sang with the Dolphins

Hugged by a whale 

Laughed with an orcas

Kissed a shark 

Killed by a mermaid
It was a struggle in my life. 

Hell is presumable under the ground

Hot and boiling with pure liquid fire 

The devil’s home 

But for I have lived and witnessed earth

I know hell is on earth and 

Heaven is his love.

Written by Samantha Alexia Ndlovu

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