I am the one

Her arms were draped across your shoulders

A smile was slammed on her first

Shame, and sadness bloated my heart 

For I kissed you last night 

I surrendered myself to you
Your face glistened with much happiness 

Hence now as I watch you, I sadly witness a painful smile slammed on your face. It hurts me too.
She kisses you 

Thunder and lightening strike across my heart

Shame no more 

For I know I should be her

For I know I am the one you like 

The one who craves your touch 

The one who you do whatever you want with

I am you pet and I love it 

I see her telling you she loves you 

And that’s when 

Just when 

I see your eyes darken 

I see you fail to say a word

Just when I know

I am the one tattooed on your heart

I am the one you love 

That’s why you just chaste kiss her

And sweetly kiss me. 

I am just the one for you.

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