People mostly think sadness is witnessed or registered on a persons face. 
I think otherwise. 

A lot of people feign happiness. 

I know mostly I have been one of those people. 

A person who is in love with someone they don’t know is sad, because obviously chances are they won’t be together. 

A person who will ride or die to make YOU happy is sometimes sad because some people demand so much of a person that they end up sad no matter how much they put a smile on their faces. 
A person who will look like a goddess on Instagram is sad because they are probably chasing perfection for the sake of likes yet they can’t afford all the glamour from the media and they are in dept.
My point is, sometimes the people who seem to be the happiest are the saddest.Perfect  people who always have a smile are sad. They just put on that smile to make people believe they are happy. 
I am very observant and sometimes I hate it because I have witnessed so many friends and relatives who will wear that smile like its the Chanel dress, show off their fine teeth like its the diamonds, jump as if they will touch the sky, sing and laugh with false mirth. I then become sad to even watch them, because for a sad person – no matter how much they try to express unavailable happiness, they will never be happy until they realise that for them to be happy they have to be selfish and think about themselves first. If you don’t put yourself first no one will. Not even your lover, your brother, your baby or anyone else.
To be happy you have to forget all the obstacles, even if those obstacles are someone you once loved and you no longer feel the same. 

To be happy with your career you have to ride or die for it even if that means making your family sad because sadness is working a 9 to 5 job that you hate. Loving an abnoxious girl who is weak while you know you want a different girl. Making someone happy when you not happy, doing whatever it is that you are not happy with – that is sadness. 
Be selfish, 

Do you

Don’t give a single fuck 

Be fucking weird 

Be a jerk if that’s what makes you happy

Do whatever you want and tell who ever has a problem with it to shove their useless comments where the sun don’t shine. 
Just avoid being sad. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! 
So you don’t even have two minutes to waste in something that makes you sad. Even if it’s a cat, get rid of it. 

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