Dangerously obsessed snippet

“Merc, are you okay? Do you need anything? Or do you want to talk about what happened in Paris?” Judith asked as Mercury had locked herself in her bedroom for the whole week after the kidnapping. 

Mercury knew what she was feeling and what she was feeling was something she didn’t think she would feel. Especially after seeing what that club held, she was scared shitless but then when Theon actually did it to her it felt like… Like he had just provided her with her own small little heaven. Theon had found her cure  before she even felt sick. She had become so drawn to him more than she was before. It was like a pet and its master. He was her master and she was his pet. 

                        The reason she had locked herself in her room was only because she hadn’t come to terms to accepting it. Besides, it was means of rescuing her. Maybe he wasn’t into that kind of sexual life. Maybe he was just doing it for the sake of saving her out of that place. But from the very first time he fucked her against the wall in his office, she knew he wasn’t roses and chocolates. He was chains and whips. She was just scared to accept that. 

Realising Judith was waiting for a response she sat up on her bed and looked at Juniper. “Something happened between me and Theon due to rescuing me.”

“Okay, is it a good thing or a bad thing because I am going to get off this bed and castrate the son of a bitch if he hurt you in anyway.” Judith’s anger was so vehement it made Mervury shiver. 

“No he didn’t hurt me and he didn’t only save me from the kidnapping either. I was underneath the ground, deep down past the inner core and the outer core and deep inside the boiling liquid fire. And then he pulled me. Pulled me out of the pain of trying to find someone fit for me. He pulled me out and took me to the stars. The Galaxy. Space. He built an empire there and placed me in it. In a place were we both floated within our eroticism, power and serendipity.He  took me to the place were I found myself from the front, ramming into me all the way to our heaven. He took me from the back, tearing me apart and putting me together all by his hands. And he took care of me through my mouth, flavoured me with his piquant juices. Filled my mouth with his pistol only that he didn’t put a bullet in my brains. He taught me a lesson through his sick domineering. He found me before I found myself. He found my happiness before I even had a way of searching for it. He is my King, and I am a willing and happy servant” said Mercury.

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