its sad isn’t?

Bury yourself in water
Hoping you will wash him away
It’s beginning to be a nightmare
The sadness he won’t be there
You might never be his

The thought so beautiful
The idea so expensive
The feeling so inexplicable
The image so futuristic and true
It’s sad isn’t it

bury yourself in books
Read the mystery of the world
How being in love is like
I wouldn’t want to experience it from any man
If it’s not him
Then it becomes a nightmare

It hurts
He must have a woman
He tie hands with a blond lady
With a little girl on the side
It looks like it’s mother.

This image is a normality
Haunting me every second
Smacking me with the possibilities
He is old enough, too old.
I don’t care what age he is but I want him

Him for fucking sake
The fucking devil in a handsome vessel
I have crushed and crushed on so many hills
But he is one hell of a mountain that doesn’t move out of my way
My way to different imaginations
Wants and cravings for someone with a chance
perhaps future

It’s sad isn’t it?
The fact that it’s a dreamless dream

It’s very sad,
That I know the possibilities of never being his

Yet I just dream on him

It’s very very sad isn’t it?
That I might never and ever be his

I bury myself in water 
Hoping I will wash him away 
It’s beginning to be a nightmare
It’s sad he won’t be there 
I might never be his.

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