Why I think some marriages never last…

Hey it’s been long ey! 

So considering my topic today, I was talking to a friend about why marriages don’t last and I have a bit to say about this. 

So the first problem I think most people have is getting too comfortable. They no longer look at their partner in a romantic love manner, they look at them like just another family member and they forget that from time to time they need to show their significant other that they look at them like their partner and their other half. 

The second thing is lack of effort. You tell yourself that he should love me the way that I am and all that laziness and lack of enthusiasm. That makes a man leave to look for the enthusiasm. Sometimes you need to put effort on how you look, he is not your grandma who will tell you that you look great even when you are wearing plastic bags. Wear something nice, neat and clean. You don’t have to go out of your comfort zone but you also don’t have to look like a perfect figure of a hobo. 

When going to bed  don’t go to bed with sleeping gowns that look like you borrowed them from your grandma.Wear  something elegant and sexy so that he won’t get used to the way you are beautiful. You effort with make him also put effort. Men are like kids, you make them feel good they will entertain you and be good. Make him feel like he married someone worth loving and caring for not a problem to keep.

Birthdays, Valentines and small holidays, make him know he is off work. Appreciate that you have him there, make dinner for him, give him a massage, run a warm romantic bath. Let him rest in a good way that during his work time he would be looking forward to his off day because he knows you will take good care of him in many indescribable ways. Second, don’t repeat the same things. There is Google, yahoo, Instagram, YouTube, etc look for new romantic things to do for your man, look for new recipes he might like and make him happy he married you not any other woman. 

Just because you have been together for a long time it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be spontaneous! Surprise him. Role play, do it in the kitchen, in the living room, shower, bathtub and every surface that will make it interesting. Sex is almost as good as one concept, it’s like the key and the key hole so it could get cold if you don’t explore around. Try new positions.You  have made a decision to be together forever. Do you know how long forever is? It’s very long; so imagine having the same type of sex in the same position with the same words, same kissing and same old boring shit.  I am a person who gets bored of the same thing really easy. So try something new, dirty talking, flirting and keeping the relationship fresh and going would be my favourite thing to do. Sometimes try calling the shots, seduce him even in public, make him feel young again and again. Make jokes, have a sense of humour, make him laugh so hard he won’t forget what you said in weeks. 
Travel, take a long vacation or a weekend vacation in a nice hotel, or an affordable place for the two of you. Make memories that one day when you all old you will look back and say ‘man we’ve lived’. Create memories, be adventurous, make romantic vacations and all. Be fucking awesome. I know times could be hard. I grew up in a poor family and I have never been on holiday but I think making an effort to even go to places such as a town, malls, canivals, playing parks and all. Those small places mean a lot to the person and you would be surprised how much you have made them happy. 

Communication! Talk. Speak to each other about almost everything. Tell your lover you love them. Tell them you care about them. Tell them your issues.Just  fucking talk. What’s so hard about that? If he is ignorant write him a letter. And don’t mistaken it for being weak, it’s love. Love is a weakness that you have to accept. And a weakness that you need. So if you don’t talk love, sex and all your issues, then what are the odds you will know each other well enough to build a strong relationship? Just talk. I am talkative and the person I will get married to better be talkative too cause I will certainly annoy them. Lol. 
Lastly, just love each other man!!! Love is so nice and precious. Appreciate it because some people die without even a taste of it. Realise that your significant other chose you over every other woman or man. He or she chose you. You the flawed and imperfect human being ever. You for fucking sake! Listen to each other, I hate being ignored and I am sure no one loves being ignored so do listen. You are never too tired for your lover, days are never the same but don’t make them be the same. Appreciate his presence, show him some love. 

Just love. 

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