Appreciating your man

Hello lovelies, so I am going to talk about appreciating the man you have in your life! And I don’t mean your brother or father or anything like that, I mean that man who kisses you goodnight every night, who makes you laugh, who makes sure you are happy, who fucks up sometimes, who will sometimes yell cause you have upset him, that one guy who will do you good (you know what I mean), that man who holds you tight in your hardest times, who will have your side till the word love sounds foreign. That’s the man I am on about and you know what; most men who love their women these days are less likely appreciated. I have witnessed this with my eyes and lived around it. 
Do you realise that some single girls like me really really wish to have men like that? And there you have them right by your side but you don’t treat them like you actually appreciate that he is there. Despite being not ready for something serious, I have been raised in tempestuous relationships and I know how I want to treat my man. 

For example, he works a job that hustles him bad, when he comes home you pretend as though you don’t even know he works hard. Instead you tell about the new trending shoes that costs his whole pay and because he loves you, he will give you his pay with a smile. But then you just showed you don’t appreciate his hard work! Has he had a rough day at work? Then babe run him a hot bubble bath, play his soft favourite songs even if it’s not a romantic looking bathroom, he will see that you recognise how hard he has been working. Either join him or grab your glass of wine and share some jokes and moments. Help him relax. On some days, give him a fine good massage, don’t forget a handjob or BJ too; that man down south also needs a massage. Sometimes cook him his favourite meal or find a new recipe and surprise him. Just put effort and show that you appreciate his hard work! And besides, men appreciate better than women do. So you might not do this everyday due to your own schedule but sure you can do something. 

Remind him that you love him. Sometimes you and your partner date or get married for some years that you end up feeling like they are just some big relative that you happen to fuck. So you need to remind that man that he married YOU   the fucking hot woman okay! You know love can make you feel like a kid sometimes so do get playful and I don’t mean baby playful I mean adult dirty and nasty playful. Is he uncomfortable with that? He surprises me then  but you can tease him. Give him a good tease through music, truth or dare, would you rather or more. One day when he comes back from work, let him find you in a certain costume, play around it, mess about, you know. Just remind each other why you are together. 

Don’t underestimate him. Now not every man is all tenecious and ambitious but just because you think his idea is stupid it doesn’t mean you should make him feel stupid too. Instead, help him better it, you are his partner! Do you get the meaning of that? You are supposed to help him through almost everything. If he comes with the idea that he wants to  build a house on water, don’t say ‘are you stupid or what?’ No baby girl! Say that and you will make him start regretting having you by his side. Instead, say ‘yes honey we can do that, but first we will have to find a place with water that isn’t too deep, build a base that will hold the house up just a little bit above the water and then we will build the house’ see, simple as that and you haven’t offended him. Instead, he will actually be more enthusiastic to do it cause you support him. That’s appreciation right there. 
Don’t criticise his style unless he asks for your opinion. Now this is a problem that I have myself. I am not a fashion freak but I like a man that knows how to proper dress himself. That said, I do get attracted to a little bit of scruffy and rough looking but not always. If your man has a crappy fashion sense that he has always had and you don’t like it. Tell him nice, ‘honey, we need to talk about those ripped jeans.’ Be courteous when judging his style. Don’t say ‘you look like you woke up in a dustbin or you look like a hobo or an old dirty hoarder‘ darling he is your man, not your muppet you can talk shit to. 

Love him. Tell him you love him. Tell him in the morning, after a huge argument, in the afternoon, every second if you want. Is he out of the country, call him and tell him you love him. Is he at work or anywhere else, call him and tell him ‘baby I just wanna say I love you’  and he will say ‘I love you too’ and you will feel so great knowing you have just put a big smile on his face!  Appreciate him man!

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