Let me dance for you 

Hey daddy 
There is a chair 
Sight tight and let me dance 
My favourite song plays
I love the way your eyes are curious
They follow the directions of my hands all over my body 
I strip 
You bite your lip 
Smirk with want 
Tell me you will fuck me senseless 
I wonder if that’s a threat 
I sit my ass on your lap 
On my favourite part of your body 
Grind and grind 
You hold me in place 
I swirl and swirl 
Twist and twist 
You lasciviously grin 
I get on my knees
Unbuckle your jeans 
Get ready, you’re keen
Pull you out 
Hold you in my hands 
Tell you how good you look 
All erect and hard for me 
Pleasure you 
Sit steady don’t move 
You are mine to love tonight 
I want all of you into my mouth 
Savour the taste of your excitement 
Lick and suck you
you are my favourite kind of a lollipop 
Kiss and tease you 
Cause you are mine to play with 
Sit steady don’t move 
I know you are excited daddy 
But let me be your party 
Suck life out of you 
Get drunk on you 
Get high for you 
Fill my mouth with all of you 
Delve deeper into my mouth 
Let me love you 
Show you 
You are mine 
Spit your love potion 
Let me swallow it for you 
And you better be watching all this 
Cause I am just dancing for you
It’s your birthday daddy
let me 
Be the party

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