Does he like me?

Can I ask a question guys? 

How can you tell that a guy likes you? 

And not just a man you see all the time but even if they don’t say it, how can you tell they like you? 
I think someone likes me but I don’t want to get over my head lol so this site is the best to ask haha. 

9 thoughts on “Does he like me?

  1. This is a tough question. He may flirt with you for various reasons… it could be because he likes you, or wants something from you, for the he’ll of it, or he’s sexually attracted to you.
    The only real way to know is to confront him about it. Tell him you’ve seen him glance at you, and you wanted to know if he’s interested in you.

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  2. He must enjoy your company,
    Care about you,
    Ready and curious about you,
    Sometimes, he might be a distant unlooker,
    The list is endless….
    Try to get close to him on a friendship note
    He might be shy,
    But when you are friends,
    His degree of shyness will reduce.. ..

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