Taste me

Taste me Savour the taste of your chosen one 

Humming the delicious goods

Licking a lollipop till it has no taste 

Sucking a straw of juice till the bottle is dry 

Kissing until the lips are numb 

Complementing as you complement every good food 

No sharing is caring when it comes to this cake and lollipop

Let’s get fat together 
Taste me 

The beauty that you witnessed 

Get addicted to the sweetness that lingers on your tongue no matter what you eat 

A taste you never forget 

The beauty that you conjured 
Let your face be my throne  

Savour the taste of a queen 

Worship the woman you delve into 

Taste her naughtiness 

That you love. 
Taste me 

For I am addicted to your taste.

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