Who cares how these haters feel?

There are times were we lose ourselves without realising it. For instance, we lose ourselves through trying to make some people happy. You are an individual don’t lose yourself to try and be in a group of people or to be famous or just to please people. If those people are not pleased or impressed with this uniquely beautiful person that you are, then they are not worth your time. 

We lose ourselves while impressing people who are never impressed by anything. And at that moment when we realise we have lost ourselves, it would be too late to remember ourselves and bring ourselves back. In what ever you do, be authentic. Stay you. Do you. Hell I am judged and some people look at me like a wierdo that writes sex all the time to gain confidence but that’s me. The person that I am or what I do doesn’t affect anybody’s body temperature. It is not a nuclear bomb that will swipe their sorry asses to hell. If they don’t like who you are tell’em to go suck shit and die. You don’t give a fuck. You are you and you are not going to change for their own amusement. 

I am saying this from experience. I like a lot of things and I am interested in a whole lot of things. When some people ask me what my interest are and I tell them and they judge, I hate it. So I will also tell them they are as weird as fuck! It’s tit for tat in this world. You do me left, I will do you left. You fuck me sideways I will fuck you side ways. 
So never let anyone think they can tell you who you wanna be. You are fucking awesome that way! Are you too eloquent about your sexuality and people don’t like it? Just don’t give two shits. Darling that’s what people do. They put you down. 

Are you straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, fat, too skinny, too revealing… Etc. Honey you are fine! You are the finest person there is on earth because you know damn well you the fuck you are! Be fucking proud of that! And accept it with pride. 

Just put yourself first and don’t let anyone tell you who to be, who are they to tell you that? You the boss baby, 

Who cares how these haters feel? Not me…

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