Getting over you 

I ought to forget you 

Shut you out of my mind 

And so as my imagination 

I ought to count you amongst the normal 

I ought to stop caring 

Listening to your stories 

Your tales about your mystic life 
I ought to not smile so wide like I do when I see you

I want to behave normal 

Wear my straight face like a channel dress 

Steady my body 

Calm down my libido 

Be a normal person when I see you 
I ought to tell myself you are just another man I don’t give two shits about,

Lie to myself about my dislike for you, 

Shut my eyes to your misleading and heart tickling flirtations, 

But the you will walk in

With your fucking grace.

I will squirm 

All my insides will melt into liquid 

My libido will get so high on another level 

My smile, I only smile like that for you 

You always walk in with this light 

A light that I can’t seem to get used to 

It washes away all the things I told myself do to. 

I guess I am just not a normal person then, 

All I want is to get over you 

At the same time 

I don’t want to get over you because I enjoy your presence 

But I do

I ought to forget you.

4 thoughts on “Getting over you 

  1. Samantha, this is truly divine! It is so amazing to see such sensuality and passion flowing from a woman’s soul. This man is very fortunate to have such a beautiful woman feeling this way for him. :-*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Michael, I like him a lot and it scares me because I am attracted to men much older than me and I don’t know what the future is between us and everyday I will swear I am over him and then he comes in through those sliding doors, I become breathless and I melt. It’s incredible and confusing at the same time because he looks happy in my presence but… It’s just insane. I could talk all day about it.


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