Wrongly right 

His sexy mouth drove her far deep into the ecstasy. The way he  marvelled her body with his kisses sent a jolt from her spine to tremble her entire body, conjuring her to be throbbing wet. With just his mouth he made her beg with her moan that blended flawlessly with the sound of his kisses and the silence within the room. This was supposed to feel right. Well it did feel right but it didn’t feel right. It was a confusion that she wasn’t about to focus on at that time. 
His lips were made up of platinum. They made her feel expensive and fucking hot. They drove her totally insane as they trailed down her body, to her pieced belly button and she knew where else he was going. 
Then his lips were right above the red lace panties she was wearing. It almost made it feel like from the minute she walked into his office she’d ought to fuck him. Not that she didn’t want to do that everyday but he was her boss and her best friend’s husband. If this didn’t make her a bitch what else would? 
But all those thoughts burned into nothing but pointless ashes when she endured the beautiful torment of his teasing kisses against freshly shaved sex. He pulled her panties down her long legs and leered at her while he bit his bottom lip. “You are so damn sexy, you know that?” He grinned as he spread her legs wider, her vagina literally exposed to him. 

Then next it was his cool soft tongue laving right against her pussy. She ran out of breath, lost sense of her surroundings and all she knew was the feel of his mouth against her sex. But there was this incessant feeling that wasn’t washing away. This was wrong in so many ways and if he fucked her good she knew it wouldn’t be the last time she found herself under his mercy. 
His tongue washed across her slit and she hummed a little and that’s when she knew someone might be listening and they would tell her best friend. 
She had to stop being selfish and stop this before it went far, 

“Jace stop” he frowned lifting his head from between her legs, his eyes were pissed and irritated, “this feels wrong” she whispered and he stared at her a smirk stretching on his lips. 
“Nothing feels as good as doing something wrong while knowing how wrong it is, babe. Now let me eat this cake without any disturbance. If you disturb me I will spank you…” as he said his words his thumb was rubbing and adding a bit of pressure on her clitoris slowly taking her breath away. “Hard” he finished his words with his fingers delving into her causing her to breath in her pussy clenching against his fingers. 
He was right, nothing felt as good as his mouth on her pussy. Obstacles aside, she had to fuck Jace.


Hey guys this is my first attempt at writing a flash fiction story. I have always desired to challenge my writing skills and to write this I was actually inspired by Dave and he writes really good ones so I thought I would challenge myself and try to do it too. Although, most of his flash fiction stories are romance; I challenged myself to write one on Erotica  because I normally go full detailed when writing those. So it’s a challenge to just write it on a few words. I hope you enjoyed it. And please let me know if I went too far lol. I can’t help it sometimes.  

15 thoughts on “Wrongly right 

  1. “Nothing feels as good as doing something wrong while knowing how wrong it is”
    Perfectly phrased. This is the kind of thinking that gets me into trouble!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my god thank you so much, I try to keep my poems and stories true to the passion of writing Erotica and my point of view within it. So to see someone enjoying my writing motivates me and it makes me really happy. Thanks

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Samantha.. I love the tension that he’s not only her boss but also her best friend’s husband! Wow! Yet she can’t resist his advances. Very hot. Very sexy. Looking forward to more of this kind. Thank you so much for the mention! x

    Liked by 1 person

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