Being myself 

Hey lovelies, I figured I have been too erotic these past days. So today I will talk about being yourself. Self discovery. 

In 2013, I came to England from South Africa. My confidence level was so high and I was as sassy as fuck but When I went to high school, that ended. I was bullied. The ideal beauty from Africa was different from the ideal beauty in this mainstream country. So I lost myself. Totally. Long story short, I started writing and within each book I wrote I was becoming a different person, then when I started writing erotica my level of confidence heightened. I realised I was as sexy as fuck, any of these bitches who bullied me had nothing on me. My fat ass was something they didn’t have, huge tits and thick lips, it was something they all didn’t have. And guess what? I was blessed with all that!!!
On top of that I was the most intelligent in that school resulting in my picture being put on the school walls and even today it’s still there despite how much they have changed the others. 

I realised I was fucking awesome but that didn’t mean it hadn’t had an effect on me. I had social anxiety, trust issues, I was a bit shy, held back and always considering what people will say about my choices. Then last year 2015 I said fuck what people think

I began finding myself. I challenged myself. My first one was getting a tattoo. My family didn’t like this, but if it’s what I wanted that was all that mattered. The second was wearing short skirts and dressing up sexy because I believe your dressing define you and the kind of a person you are. You won’t comprehend how many mini skirts and nice dresses I have in my wardrobe. Third was opening an erotic romance blog – and I am god damn enjoying it!

Then I said I would change my hair colour, and this year I have changed my hair colour three times, the bigger one was changing it to blonde. Guess what? I fucking did it. 

And guess what people are saying to all that, ‘it suits me’. That’s because it’s me. It’s the person that I am. 
No matter how hard life gets, challenge the people’s negativity. Show them who the main bitch is. Slay all their fucking hatred with being true to yourself. Slay baby! 
Being myself has rewarded me with a lot in my life. I make friends that quick, people ask me out and shit. My life seems even more fun! 
Be your fucking self!

20 thoughts on “Being myself 

  1. As you describe yourself, you once again release some amazing visuals and fantasies 🙇💭🔥 You have and will always be beautiful…and so talented! 😘 So glad, you opened this blog…it is fun and sexy connecting with you…even if virtual 😘

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  2. I love this short blast of awesomeness. Fuck the Haters. The bullied are always the most unique. Or maybe in hindsight we should thank the hatters for shaping our stronger outlook. I don’t rightly know. But thank you for sharing.

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      1. No worries at all. I like it here, I think I’ll stay. Also: Haters are scared of what they don’t understand. Feel bad for them, for you are light years ahead in mind and soul. Your words alone tell me this already.

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  3. “No matter how hard life gets, challenge the people’s negativity. Show them who the main bitch is. Slay all their fucking hatred with being true to yourself. Slay baby! “. I basically need a giant wallpaper of this xxx (

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      1. Oh my god, thanks love. Sometimes we need to hear it like it is. And thank you for saying it’s inspirational. I needed something like this during the time I was being bullied and I never found it, so it makes me more than happy to know that my words are inspirational to someone 😀😘


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