Five hundred likes!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Guys, I know it seems probably little but two years ago I opened a blog and I spent two years with just eight followers and I sucked. I then realised that was because in that blog I was pretending to be the good girl that my face projects. I was faking to be a girl I wasn’t because I thought that was what people wanted, what people liked and to be honest; it didn’t work. 

So now I opened this blog. I am totally myself. And guess what, within the short time I have opened this blog I have over 90 followers, and I have attained 500 likes and I am meeting people, I am learning all sort of things I didn’t even know existed, I am enjoying myself! And I am growing as a person, I can’t even explain how much I love myself for opening this blog and having people who accept me with my weirdness and my naughtiness and my knowledge. 

So thank you guys, I really appreciate this. 

18 thoughts on “Five hundred likes!!!!

  1. Congratulations Samantha! 😀 I didn’t get a chance to see your old blog but definitely love this one :-* Hope you are getting even more traffic now that people can link to your blog from your gravatar.

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      1. Aww Dave, thanks, it’s been so much fun being here and having to connect with you. I even challenged to write Flash Fiction all because of you 😀 so now I can say ‘I can write anything’

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