Sexual song love

You know that moment when your favourite sexual song plays in your headphones and you lose sense of your surroundings. 

All you feel, all  you want is either to have bae to come to do you some good loving or you just wanna sway your hips, move your body, caress yourself, touch yourself, hum here, moan there and just… Just make some good fucking love to yourself while that song plays. 

Then you realise you are in the fucking bus to college๐Ÿ˜ž that thing sucks as hell. Especially if you have my playlist ๐Ÿ™„.

7 thoughts on “Sexual song love

    1. Haha lol I was in the bus and Freak me by another level played and damn that song always get me feeling some kinda way and then I realised that I was on the freaking bus and I would be getting home too late to tend to this hotness. It’s so frustrating

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