Wanting you


immensely huge with no ending. 

Blue and wavy,

Strong and potent, 

lovely and dangerous,

Secretive and mystic

Handsome and beautiful. 

That’s how I see you 

To me you are like the ocean 

I am unbeknown of you and your creatures, 

The secret habitats within you 

Yet you tell me things you shouldn’t be telling me.

Nonetheless, you excite me

In so many ways

It’s almost as if it’s a shock wave before the earthquake

I don’t know the person that you are 

The secrets of your life

Anything, I just don’t 

And yet I feel this way about you. 

I miss you but I have spent very little time with you. 

I am starting to not recognise this person 

This need in me to be in your arms 

Desperation seemed so much of a weakness

So much want and need 

Jesus Christ, 

I can’t handle this, it’s too much 

I just can’t 

Because I don’t know where we started and were we are going 

It’s frustating. 

You are like the world trend, 

I hear a lot of views about you 

He’s too old for you

He will know how to love you 

He seems so happy when he sees you

He likes you 

He is trying to investigate you

Maybe he will be your lover 

I will hear all this

Its like I am a fan girl who can’t help herself but like you even they are unbeknown of who you. 

I mean that’s fucked up right? 

The fact that I like you so much a day doesn’t pass without my body reacting some kind of way due to constantly having you in my mind. 

A conversation won’t pass without me mentioning you, 

A minute won’t pass without you bloating my mind, a suffocation that I happen to like a lot.

A second won’t pass without a Reminicent of our last encounter.

A nanosecond won’t pass without me falling and falling,

And falling 

And falling 

I just fall 

But for what? 

Am I crazy or something? 

Why out of all men do I like you so much?

So many lads have tried their way but since I saw you, I can’t even feel at least a tickle for another guy.

Why the fuck do you make me feel so… Good by just looking at me? 

Why the heck are you doing this to me? 

Why won’t you get it over with and just… 

And just… 

I don’t even know now. 

But what I know is, I want you. 

And I want you bad.

26 thoughts on “Wanting you

    1. Hey Dave, thanks you. This one I was quiet emotional when I wrote so I write my bed when I am emotional lol. And thanks for the sweet comments it’s always such a thrill to hear from you ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mmmm you are certainly making my day. I like knowing I leave some fire to someone reading my work. What excites me is that you think sexually when reading my work, it’s a good feeling

        Liked by 1 person

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