Ice cream

You know that moment when you are having an ice cream. You are just chilling in an ice cream  shop with your friends. 

While eating the ice cream you just imagine yourself on your knees, unbuckling his jeans, button by button. 

Then you totally lose yourself to your fantasy, forget you are with your friends. Lick  the ice cream in some sensual long strokes, 

Put it in your mouth, eat it slow until you see it begin to dribble all over your hands. In your head its his cock, all creamy and sweet on your hands. 

Then you realise you no longer enjoy the taste of ice cream. All you want is to see yourself on your knees pleasuring Bae. 

Then that’s when you realise your friends are giving you the ‘wtf’ look. Funny enough to you are not even mortified by your actions. Instead, you throw the ice cream in the bin, claim it taste bad because you know his cream taste way better. 

37 thoughts on “Ice cream

      1. Thank you for your support. I hope to send the manuscripts to the agency soon and hopefully I will get a good agent.

        I haven’t heard of her before and I have been looking for a hot book to read. Might check her out

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