daily post challenge: Transformation

I allow you into me

Let you cleanse me

Wash away the bad

Let your magic wand transform me


I am a lost bird sir

I sin for almost the second I breath

I need your power and potency to rule over me

Discipline me Daddy,

I have been a bad bad girl

I need your potent touch,

Hold me to the gates of heaven and back

I need to feel your skin against mine

I need to feel you breath across my skin

I want you to be my anchor

My love

I am a lost bird, sir

I am in need for transformation

Find me a way

Make me the girl you like

Love me

Crave me

Fuck me

Do all you want

I am in need for transformation
From the lost bird

To belonging

And not just belonging

But nonetheless yours

And yours only.
Transform me into your favourite

Bend me over brand me yours all over my skin

Kiss me, pull my hair

Leave a fire that reminds me I am yours
Transform me daddy

Into your favourite kind of food

Let me serve you with the best meal ever created

Let me be yours
I am a lost bird Master

And I am in need of a transformation.

36 thoughts on “Transformation 

  1. You certainly rose to challenge on this daily prompt! In fact, you have me on the rise as well… Sexy girl, this was soooo hot! My mind was just running wild with all the ways I’d begin your transformation and mark you as mine, mmmm! <3:-*

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      1. Mmmmmm I love to do that to a man. I don’t believe in letting him go until his body spasms and scream in pleasure. And I love it when he does the same mind boggling thing to me

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I think that’s why I believe its feminine for women to submit. Giving power to a man as a woman really exhilarates me and it kind of make me believe he seas how much I appreciate them.

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