Daily post challenge: Banned 
Every part of me secured 

Anxious and curious 

inquisitive affection 

Excitable chills running down my spine

Suspicious excitement

Audible panting 

Passionate trembling 

Banned averted attention

Lascivious focus 

Heart beat beating loud drums 

Accelerating with every step you make


Chains and whips around

A secured heart 

And restrained 

Prevented movement

You are quite stern



Fear aside

Allured into the dark eroticism 

Craving you like a bad drug 

Anticipating your next move 



Even when you touch me 

You told me not to move 

Even when I feel your fingers inside me 

I fight to not move 

Even when I feel myself reach the peak 

I should remind myself ‘you banned me from moving or else…’ 


Banned and burnt into a hot eroticism 

Naked and bare 

Teaching freedom 

Your touch is a drug 

I am an addict

Your possession is a life 

My lifestyle I am living

Hence not banned

It’s a seatbelt 

Because you my love…

You drive me crazy.

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