Daily-post: Smoke

Loving loveless 

Memories invading a peaceful mindset 

Tears cascading down the beauty of my skin 

Pain knotting my heart into a tight ball 

I want you to burn into smoke 

And Vanish with the air.

My head pounds, 

The hard pain when you crashed it against the wall, 

My body recalls the breathtaking pain when you plunged the baseball bat against my body 

My heard burns, a reminder of you pulling my hair across the room 

The tears cascade onto my skin 

I want you to burn into ash and smoke. 

Malicious words scream inside my head 

I ought to be sane 

Hence the thunder of your voice disrupts my thinking at every second I breath 

I wish you would burn into smoke and nothing 

You had a hammer in your hand 

I dreamt I was a brick wall 

You ought to kill me 

Leave behind the life I brought into the world 

I trembled with fear 

I cried for your mercy 

And you didn’t even blink 

When you threw it in my direction 

I was a dead woman alive 

I want you to burn in hell And turn into smoke 

I ought to say I have moved on 

The scars within and out never healed 

Hence they will 

If you burn painfully into smoke and nothing 

This poem is inspired by my mother’s abusive marriage experience. 

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