Flawed solace sex scene 2

Hey” after a few seconds of getting drunk on Ace’s physique she finally flashed a smile as she greeted. 
“Hey, Come in” Ace opened the door wider for her and she walked in. The nerves were wrecking her strengthless. She didn’t know what she was getting into and with a man like Ace, there was a lot to think about. She was only bang on 19 on that day and here she was with a 30 year old man and really looking forward to have him fucking her senselessly. Was that even normal? In fact, that was another reason she couldn’t even fight this desire. If it was normal it would’ve been boring. There wouldn’t be any thrill or any excitement. Even if it would be there, it would be very minimal. Whereas now, she felt like it was the most unconquerable desire that even if she endeavoured to conquer it, she would fail. 

“How was work?” He asked as he sat his hand at the small part of her back leading her to the small living room in the suite. Just that small touch, she pulled a lot of muscle to hold back a moan. It was so good, spreading chills all over her body in the most insane way. 
“It was okay thanks” she responded as her heart was beating at her throat. The fate of this night was one that she couldn’t even fathom or rather predict. It was either she ends up on his bed with him buried right deep inside her or she would still end up in his bed somehow. One thing for sure she wasn’t going back to the hell hole that was her home without being fucked. 
“Good,” he quickly kissed her on the cheek, his lips soft and cool against her skin. “Just stay here, I need to get dressed” he hastily left her standing in a silver grey painted living room with two grey leather sofas, a glass coffee table on top of a white fluffy rug that was also laid upon black ceramic tiles. The room cooperated a lot of gleam and light. She couldn’t help walking towards the big window that showcased the lights around the small village. She knew West Yorkshire was beautiful but she’d never seen it from such a high view. The lights and the gleam the little region held promised her a good night. 
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” The deep raspy voice quickened the pace of her heartbeat as he startled her. 
“It is” holding the confidence as much as she would like, she responded with a tiny little smile. She watched him walk towards the window with his hand shoved inside his smokey grey jeans and a white t-shirt. So casual hence so sexy as hell. He’d also let down his hair, curly and wavy. He was one handsome man in this world. She swore she’d never seen anything like him. 
“The food will be ready soon” he said as he got to the window and they were now facing each other while they both leaned their elbows on the window frame. “So Aloe, tell me a little bit about you” he stared at her with his intense eyes. He may have been trying to cause this little pep talk but really, there was nothing that was going to reach the scale of the sexual tension that bloated that room. 

“There’s is nothing to know about me” she responded taking her gaze back to the beauty of Yorkshire. This region held a lot of beauty and a lot of cruelty too. 

Sometimes the cruelty it held led to her hating the it but that night, she just liked it. In fact, it touched somewhere in her heart. 
“I don’t believe that.” He joined her in looking at the city lights; “do you have any siblings?” He asked. 
“No” she hastily responded still looking through the window. She didn’t want to expose her personal life to a man that she had sexual interest with. If he wanted to know anything about her, he had to know the colour of her underwear and that was all he had to know. 
“Do you live with your mom and dad?” He was wearing such a heavy frown. A part of her told her he was caring. She didn’t want his pity and she didn’t want him knowing too much about her. 
“They both died 7 years ago” she responded walking away from the window. Ace just stayed put where he was. She knew that second Ace was thinking of all sorts of sorry words to say to her. She didn’t want that. “How long is it going to be for this dinner to start?” she was getting impatient especially with this tension and this odd conversation that propelled lies out of her. 
“We were supposed to have it at 8 remember” he grinned.
“Yes and you changed the time” she murmured in a sigh as she turned around as if studying the interior of the room. 
He couldn’t hide his wide smile that eloquently told Aloe he enjoyed seeing her a bit agitated. She frowned, her temper scratching at the surface of asking him if there was anything funny but then he said “you still look stunning no matter how pissed you are.” He continued with his winning smile taking a few steps towards her, “and you are beautiful it’s hard for me to look away from you” he whispered his smile descending while he took his thumb to her lips. That soft feather like touch on her lips almost coaxed her to shut her eyes in enjoyment and envelope that finger inside her mouth. 

“Thank you” normally she would say something like ‘I know’ but that day it felt like it was such a foreign thing to be said to her. Ace said it with so much meaning to it that she felt it potently stick to her heart. Despite that, his dark eyes had her feeling like she was reading the words from his heart instead. 
He caressed his hand across her cheek and this time she couldn’t fight the urge to shut her eyes and enjoy it’s sensation. His touch was absolutely bad medicine because she felt like at that second it was healing the slaps and whacks she’d got from her step dad. That simple touch flowered the chills all over her body shivering her as if she had been hit by a nice wave of cool air. 
“So elegant” he whispered making her open her eyes to find him leering into her eyes with such potent intensity and want. Even a blind girl would see how Ace was horny for her and she wanted to satisfy him so bad. She wanted to please him and she wanted the best night with him for her birthday. 
“So enticing” with his husky and hoarse low tone he told her. Butterflies flipped in haste turns in her stomach. She craved his touch all over her body. She wanted to feel those good looking lips against hers. She wanted Ace more than she’d ever wanted anything in her entire life.  
What she was feeling was indescribable and too huge to handle. Her body was going to explode sooner than later. She felt wanton and promiscuous in a way that she couldn’t continue appreciating Ace’s soft touch and drove her lips to his. 
She laced her lips with his as if it was the last chance to kiss a unicorn. Ace received this kiss with haste and passion, entwining his lips with hers, savouring the luscious taste of her lips. He tightened his grip on her waist pulling her tiny body to his hard strong body while his lips took reign of her. His luscious lips were complementing hers with such hunger that she knew he had been suffering from for ages. She couldn’t help a sensual and wanton moan as Ace grabbed her ass pressing her against him that she could feel the presence of a hungry member hitting against her body. 
She began searching for the hem of his shirt so she could pull it off him hence Ace’s body was pushing her towards the nearest sofa. Although before she could fall on it, Ace began helping her get rid of her dress shirt while she also took off her shoes. “Wait” Ace whispered. Irritance took over her hunger a little bit, “what?” 

“Are you sure you want this, I mean we don’t know much about each other” he told her, wary and want mixed together in his voice. It was cute that he was courteous but she was too hungry for that.

“Shut up and fuck me Ace” she whispered hastily driving her lips to his. She loved the taste of his lips and she wanted to savour it for a very long time.

 Ace took off all her clothes and she stood there naked and bare for him. The way Ace was prepossessed by her body made her feel even more confident and more sexier than she’d ever been. She wanted him naked and ready to possess her. They had to save foreplay for another day; so she knelt on her knees and pulled his jeans down revealing white cotton Calvin and Klein boxers. 
She didn’t ask for any permission from Ace and schlepped her hand inside his boxers and revealed his hard, strong, breath taking and semi erect cock. Jesus, he looked good. She wanted to put him inside her mouth so fast, so she began stroking slowly and dexterously before leering up at Ace tall figure. She held his cock inside her grip and began working it up and down slowly and slowly increasing her speed. “You have such an amazing touch Aloe” he grunted enjoying her work on his dick. 

Aloe wanted to see him get even more crazier than he looked now, so she inserted him inside her mouth. The tip of his cock scraped at the back of her throat. She pulled him out and stroked him twice before she sucked him. Sucking him so hard that when she leered up to look at his face-he was mouth open, his head stretched back. “Oh” he grunted and Aloe knew she was doing a great job. She took him out of her mouth and stroked up and down before kissing the head of his wet cock. “Oh fuck Aloe” the sound of her name said in that lascivious whispery moan from him had her feeling like her feelings were being heightened. She pressed his cock against his lean stomach and licked it from his balls up to his full length and hastily enveloped him in her mouth again. 

While her hand assisted, she continued working up and down his long and thick shaft and teased the head with her tongue. Ace’s enjoyment radiated across the room as he shoved his fingers into her hair and tightened a fist and controlled her head, plunging it towards his body, making his dick enter Aloe’s mouth in almost it’s full length. He breathed another masculine moan pronouncing Aloe’s name which made her more throbbing wet and ready for him. 
Taking control of the atmosphere, she stopped sucking him and got on her feet. Then she kissed him while his hand snaked down her body to get to her bare vagina. He caressed it first before he found her clit. She’d wanted him to touch her there since day one she laid her eyes on him and as he began slowly stroking circles around her clitoris, she couldn’t keep the rejoicing moan inside. She parted her legs wide open, lifting up the right leg and resting it on the coffee table. She wanted to feel Ace’s touch everywhere and it was driving her crazy in the most highest level than any man had ever made her feel. 

“Ah” she breathed as Ace shoved his fingers into her sex. His thumb manifested its finesse on her clit while his two fingers entered her in breathtaking thrusts. If his fingers were this good what more his cock? She couldn’t wait at the same time she enjoyed his dexterity on her pussy. 
He hastily grabbed a condom from his jeans, Aloe loved how he fervently ripped the foil with his teeth and immediately fitted it on his lengthy and thick member. “Are you ready for this” he grunted hastily kissing Aloe. 
“Ready doesn’t even cut it” she whispered grazing her teeth against his lips. 
Then right then with them both still standing on their feet, Ace meticulously placed the head on his cock between her folds and rubbed a little bit before he slowly and meticulously entered her. She gasped shutting her eyes as she enjoyed the pain of his thick hard cock stretching her tight little pussy. She dug her fingers into his arms as he was also supporting balance for her. “Oh Ace” she moaned a little whisper-like as he continued to slowly insert himself inside her. She hummed when he’d buried himself so deep inside her. The pleasure and the joy that set into her heart was immeasurable. No man had ever felt this good inside her. 
Ace pulled himself out only to stretch her plunging in again. She let out a small little wince as he pulled out again and shoved himself right deep inside her. “Christ you are tight Aloe” he growled with his fastened teeth as he thrust into her once again as her body was getting accustomed to his girth size and length. Then he increased his entrances, reigning her body, every feeling she never felt slapping her on the face. Good lord! Ace had some kind of honey that wasn’t from the local store. She’d never enjoyed sex the way she was enjoying with Ace and she didn’t want it to stop. 
He picked her leg from the coffee table and pushed it up higher opening her even wider and providing balance for her at the same time. He rammed himself into her again and again until Aloe began to feel the nearing explosion that coaxed the exciting fear of the outcome of it, at the same time craved to feel it. 
Ace put her leg down and laid her on her back on the sofa. Aloe’s fingers began paying attention to her pierced tits. Pinching and plucking them while Ace spread her legs wider across the sofa. “I have wanted to kiss you here” he muttered lowering his head to her inner thigh so close to her sex and laying his lips on her skin while his tongue also tasted her skin. “I want to touch you here” he muttered again leering up at her while his dexterous fingers touched her clitoris. She hummed. 

This was just too good, man! 

He lowered his head brushing his nose against her inner thigh while he said “I want to taste every inch of you, Aloe” his wet lips touched her skin, the burning power of passion propelling almost a loud erratic moan. “I love the sounds of your moans” his words were slow and soft like his fingers on her sex. She was going crazy. In fact, she was going absolutely insane. “I don’t know how but you have me spell bound to you in such an overwhelming way” he lowered his head to her sex swapping his fingers with his tongue. “And I fucking love it” he whispered his warm breath washing past her widely spread sex before his tongue laved from inside her folds right up to her clit. She loved it. All the torment of Ace’s slow touches, she fucking loved it and there was no measurement for it. 
 “You also taste so good” he whispered before he inserted his fingers very very slowly that she felt every inch of them fit into her while he flicked his tongue across her clit. “So beautiful” he murmured before he sucked on it while still inserting his fingers into her. She was throbbing wet she wouldn’t be shocked if she had a squirting orgasm. Ace’s lovely torment was coaxing a hurricane of an orgasm. 
He pulled his fingers out and stopped licking her only to soon take her leg and push it up to her head that her knee was digging into her stomach. Then Ace inserted himself into her. It felt so good, she’d never knew penetration could be so nice. It was flowering the pleasure and the intensity all over her body, from her spine to her heart. “Oh and you feel so good” he grunted sensually as he fit himself into her. Him thrusting himself so deep inside her was totally taking her breath away. The man’s possession wasn’t one she could just let pass. Every minute he plunged into her he churned something inside her in such a lovely manner. He rammed himself into her again the explosion nearing so dangerously. 
As he felt the walls of her vagina begin to clench around him he decreased the pace of his thrusts, rearrange himself and rubbed her clit while he slowly entered her, making every insertion count, the friction of his cock snaking against her flesh was driving her almost out of this universe. Once he was thrust full inside her he stopped pulling himself out and stroked circles across her sex with his thumb then again pulled himself out slowly, his thick girth glazed with her wetness. 
He then plunged himself into her so quick that it took her by a huge surprise. He plunged himself into her again and again. Aloe’s head was hitting against the big vase of flowers as her head was on the arm of the sofa. ” Fuck” he breathed his own orgasm nearing too. 
Aloe was getting insane and crazy as he rammed into her while he hastily rubbed her clit. He stopped rubbing and finally leaned down to her and kissed her. His mouth taking charge of her, his tongue tasting every corner and every cm of her mouth while he rammed himself into her. They were both at the verge of losing all control. 
Aloe felt compelled to look into Ace’s blue eyes. Their eyes communicated their love making louder than their bodies would. “I’m ‘bout to cum” Aloe whispered as she let out a little cry while Ace used one of his hands to rub her clit while he rammed himself into her. 

“Go ahead. Cum for me Aloe” he hastily let out the words and with that, it was like he’d let all the bearings loose. The building explosion finally exploded, taking her wave by wave, pulse by pulse, reigning her entire body as she cried Ace’s name. 
The electricity had her trembling from head to toe, tearing her into little diamonds. Soon their orgasms collided, Ace rigid and strong and buried so deep inside her. His member quivered inside her, prolonging the flames of her orgasm. Ace had not stopped rubbing her clit and that even kept her burning inside the fire of their love making. 
That huge orgasm wasn’t coming from the comfort she took from sex. It didn’t take one second the way it did with many other men she’d been with. It was body shuddering, energy wrecking and immeasurably overwhelming. It left her hanging at the shape of the stars and she wanted Ace to take her and her freakiness into more stars. 
They both laid there, Ace’s cock still buried inside her while they both tried to calm down their erratic breathing. Ace raised his head and brushed her hair off her face and kissed her. The kiss was thankful and even romantic. As their tongues enlaced they set a new flame of a burning desire. Aloe knew after a few minutes she would want him inside her again. Hell she would oblige to sex any second if he wanted. 
“What time is it?” She asked a smile inevitable from her face. Ace looked up at the silver circle clock up on the wall and grinned. 
“It’s 7: 48” he said but couldn’t keep his mouth off Aloe’s lips. He kissed her again, no matter how her lips were now plummy and swollen, she loved the rhythm, the taste of Ace, his soft lips and his sweet tongue against hers. She couldn’t help a grateful little sound before she found herself giggling. 
“I can’t stop kissing you” he whispered a smile registering on his face before he yet again planted his lips on hers while they were both smiling. 
“Well you don’t have to stop” she giggled while his hand caressed on her leg grabbing her booty. 

“You are an amazing woman, Aloe” he said and she looked at him almost speechless. Had he just called her a woman? Most man called her the little teenage girl or a slut in smart indirect ways but he called her a woman. He valued her and that meant a lot to her. That touched so deep that she didn’t even know if anything could touch so deep inside her. 
“You are the only man that has ever called me a woman” she couldn’t help letting him know. He framed a frown and hastily kissed her “some people have eyes and sight hence they are blind to actual beauty. I am not blind Aloe and I appreciate and value your beauty and I respect that you accepted me and I will please you in ways that I can’t imagine” his eyes were lit with promise and vehement meaning. What had she done to deserve this? Had she finally found the reason to walk away from her house?
The doorbell finally pounded while they were still attached, Ace still buried inside her and their lips not even daring to detach from each other’s. He pulled himself out and Aloe winced as his thick member had stretched her. He was big and long and now glazed with Aloe’s wetness. “Are you hurt?” He caringly asked and she laughed “no, in fact; I am the happiest I have ever been” she kissed him on the lips before she got up from the sofa.
“The bathroom is past my bedroom, I will join you in a second” he told her before kissing her again. He was not getting enough of her just like she wasn’t getting enough of him.

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      1. As a writer, when you write erotic pieces, does it make you as the writer aroused? Your opinion only, are you writing from a place of deep desire? Just Curious…..

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      2. I do get aroused at times. My imagination is quite vast and I write mostly from fantasy because I try to extricate my reality from the characters’ reality. Sometimes it is from deep desire and I do get aroused quite a lot 🙈 I can’t help it haha

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