The Bridge to my heart

Daily prompt challenge: Bridge

It should be illegal

To feel the way I feel about you

It should be deported to where it’s from 

Because it’s an acceptable foreign feeling inside me.

It crossed the Bridge to my heart without permission.

It should be cast out of me,

Exorcised out of me as it reveals the side of me I don’t know if I am ready for.

It’s beginning to frighten me,

It’s wild and it conjures desires 

Gives unfathomable imaginations 

Beautiful views across the Bridge of love and happiness

It should be kicked in the ass  

As it is becoming a persistent feeling 

That is not backing off 

I love it and I hate it 

I am a confused leopard

Confused by the colours of it passion.

It shouldn’t be here because you are never here

Your presence is what cross the bridge of independence and came to adorn my life 

Hence trouble it too 

Because I know you are not mine 

You probably won’t be mine 

Perhaps you will never be mine 

But I want you to be mine 

Let me show you how good it would be if you would be mine 

Let me cross the bridges of life with you. 

Is it that hard?

I want this feeling out of me

Hence after all, I love this feeling 

Because it gives me hope.

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