First kiss…?

So guys just for an interactive question and to get to know some fun facts about you guys. When was your first kiss? Where was it? Did you like it? 

My first kiss

I was fourteen, in my class in South Africa.  Teachers were absolute nonsense because they didn’t turn up to class and we always came up with games to play during lesson time. So one of my friends said ‘lets play spin the bottle’ and I always like playing silly naughty games lol but I would always opt out when it gets to something more than just a baby kissing. 

So we sat in a circle and started playing. The  first round was the baby kiss, so I didn’t care but I had never told any of my friends that I actually hadn’t had my first kiss yet. So when it came to the actual kiss, I was forced to either embarrass myself or just own up to it. What was the harm there? Well the harm was the bottle pointed at me and a boy I proper and absolutely despised. He was the mr know it all type of a guy, gosh I hated him. I was so angry and when I tried to opt out, the whole class said they would give me a slap on the cheek. Imagine over 20 students slapping me? So I said come what may, I will have my first kiss with a person I hate. 
So we kissed. 
It was abso-fucking-lutely HORRENDOUS! He thought he was one hell of a kisser but it was like he was literally chewing my lips off with his bloody teeth. So I obviously hated my first kiss experience. 

Now I would like to hear your story πŸ˜„
I am so excited for this haha.

51 thoughts on “First kiss…?

  1. Thank you soo much for your words, it quenches my soul to come in contact with other strong people looking to build others instead of tear them down. God Bless you!

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    1. Oh my goodness Sasha πŸ˜€ thank you soooo much 😘 I am speechless haha. I think I will nominate people tomorrow as I will be deciding on which questions to ask people and how to reply yours. This is a beautiful gift Sasha and thank you a lot darling. You are so sweet to me. 😊

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  2. I have no idea why nobody has commented as yet.

    I kissed my wife when we get a chance at her house before marriage. It was a quick peck and exciting but not sensual as we did not have much privacy.

    Thanks Sammy for your story. That’s a great experience shared though not a happy one for you…

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  3. My first kiss 😘?????
    Hmm πŸ˜’…

    Okay πŸ‘ŒπŸ½.. I was like 19.. when I had my very first 😘…

    I accepted an invitation to the movies πŸŽ₯ with this guy.. who I didn’t really like or find too attractive…
    The movie πŸŽ₯ was good. We watched silently.. and me glancing back at him ever so often.. All self conscious.. and all..
    when he took me home 🏑 he asked me if he can kiss 😘 me..
    I hesitated but decided to say yes..

    And as he leaned in . I close my eyes πŸ‘€ tightly.. and tense myself.. he pulled me in to him and kissed me on the lips πŸ‘„..

    I didn’t actually know how to respond or react.. so I just stood there with my mouth closed. Doing nothing.. he pulled away and I automatically wiped my lips with the back of my hand ..
    He just look at my.. shake his head and smile…
    I went away feeling good 😊 to finally experiencing my first 😘 kiss .. but a little
    embarrassed 😩 because I didn’t know how to kiss him back…
    I never admit that was my first kiss.. but I think he has figured it out..

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  4. LMAO this was hilarious!! Chewing your lip off. . . Bhahahahahah!!! My first kiss was during the summer before I went to high school. It wasn’t all that bad as far as chewing my lip off… but it was with a guy which was a bit uncomfortable. I had no idea why it was uncomfortable back then but now I know.. I am a female with a masculine spirit.

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      1. I love, want, and choose only one woman so I’m a one woman, straight man. My gender is male but I’m biologically female. When I was younger I had no idea why I was attracted to girls and women instead of men. I stop trying to like boys as society and my parents had pressured me to do approximately 9 years ago.

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      2. Sorry to reply late, I was at work and busy sneaking my phone to respond haha,

        I find this amazing, especially that you ignored the pressure from your parents and the society to do what you want and be with who you want. That is something special. Because nothing could make you happier than just being you 😊 and doing what you like, loving or liking who you want.

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      3. I face this issue yet again but I won’t give up because I love her. she doesn’t know, but i was made for this, for her, to defeat the odds and hurtful doubts of me. I just again need to reground myself and figure out a game plan that works for me.

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      4. She is definitely someone who thinks outside the box and is her own person. I love that about her even when I don’t understand her sometimes. She’s my miracle guider. I love her.

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      5. Thanks by the way! it’s not everyday someone praises what I’ve done. People more so look down or talk down my actions. Thank You!

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      6. its because people don’t know how to accept other people for who they are and therefore that shuts their eyes from seeing true beauty of being strong. you are a brave person and many people fail to conquer the pressure of the society and our parents. i fail to do that with half of the things i know i am deep down inside and it always motivates me to see someone really fight people’s hate and being themselves.

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      7. Thank you for taking the time to uplift and encourage me. I need this sometimes, everyone does. And it’s not easy, I’m just determined to find happiness and not exist unhappy because of people’s ideas about who I “should” be or define myself as. It’s been a true struggle but with good and my twin soul’s guidance, I’m still here refusing to crumble under hateful pressure. I believe you are a strong and brave person and you will find a way to live your life and define yourself the way you choose. In the words of my all time favorite teacher, “Keep Moving Forward!!”

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      8. Thank you love and I am slowly and slowly becoming myself. Since opening this blog and finding inspiring people like you, I am changing. I am transitioning and I will ‘keep moving forward’ 😊

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