Daily prompt challenge: Giant


Dark and dirty eyes 

Leer within my darkest desires 

Just watch 

Let them trail the lines of my body 

Linger at my imperfections

Love me as I am  

Fully yours. 

Just watch 

Legs parted, 

Spread out and open wide 

Hot and steamy you feel 

Baby just watch 

Stimulating and teasing

Caressing and touching 

No need for a big screen 

You are seeing real and right close 

Tonight just watch 

Your eyes looking straight at my pussy 

Diving fingers 

I shut my eyes 

This feels so damn good 

I am making it wet for you 

Turning it into a jacuzzi for you 

Warm and damn sexy for you 

Do you know why I am like this? 

It’s your fault 
Just watch 

Watch me fuck myself 

Watch me ravish this kitten 

Watch me reminice your love 

Watch me lose my self to the ecstasy 
Baby please sit down and watch 

Watch me spread this pussy wide 

Watch me get bad, daddy I know you’re hard 

Watch me prepare to have you inside me 

Just fucking watch 
Seeing your undivided attention 

I plunge deeper 

Four fingers into this kitten 

You know damn well she can take it. 
I want you to watch 

Look at me etch this pussy yours 

Watch me scream your name as I climax 

Know it’s all your fault I am this bad 

Know it’s all your fault I am this dirty 

Watch me burn with so much passion 

Even after this giant explosion 

You know I am ready for round two 

You see what you do to me 

Even when you just watching 

You have me active like an electric machine 

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