Why some people don’t find love 

Hey guys, this time I will talk about love. So why do you think some people can’t find love and some find love in almost all the places that you can’t even comprehend. I will voice my opinion about this and I hope to hear yours 

1. Confidence 

There is a quote that if you learn to love yourself you would be able to find love. That could be true because of you look down on yourself, how would anyone look up at you. Your body projects what you heart feels, if you hate a certain part of your body people will see it but accepting that you are not a Kardashian who will go to a surgeon and get rid of the cellulite and the stretch marks and all the imperfections, you will realise how perfect you are. If we were meant to be perfect, the world would have been boring that’s for sure. Everyone has their own perfect figure of perfection, if you start believing in yourself, you might realise you are someone’s perfect figure of perfection. 

You are a strong brave person who can live with what they have. Somethings like acne, weight loss and more, we can deal with that, but discolourations, stretch marks, cellulite and many more other things; the medicine is to embrace it, hug it in, swallow it like your favourite vitamin. That way you will learn to love yourself. Trust me I know the struggle. I have never been a confident girl in my life than I am now. And by now I mean 2016. It’s been one hell of a process and every day I look at myself and witness the perfection a over imperfections. That is what will make me shine. And that is what will make you shine, being confident in what you have. 


This is something that I know a lot of people don’t have. Acceptance. We don’t accept people for who they are. It’s almost like we expect a person to be like your identical twin. I mean even identical twins are not the same. They don’t have the same fashion style, views and more. So why expect someone to be like you? Instead, you should remember you got attracted to them that way so how about you accept them that way. Of course some people may be too hard to accept and that’s why they never find love but you should accept. Accept that they like lemons and you hate oranges, accept that they are TV addicts (like me) and don’t disturb them when they are watching their favourite programme. Accept their flaws, there is nothing they are going to do about them. We live in a real world people, money for expensive creams and surgeries to fix what you can’t fix is not there. So don’t expect her to be Victoria Secret Angel flawless or him to be model type perfect. Them people aren’t perfect either, it’s all photoshop. Accept that your partner has their own weird part of them, accept them for who they are and instead of judging them or humiliating or just ignoring, you can get to learn a lot from them. I have never been in love but I am speaking from witnessing such little things. I am from a strongly opinionated family and trust me they don’t accept almost anything. So I have seen the result of that and the loneliness I witness is something I don’t wanna go through. It’s literally like standing in the middle of the road butt naked while it’s as windy as hell. I don’t want that. And with accepting people for who they are, I have learnt a lot and it’s such a beautiful journey. 

3.be reasonable 

Sometimes I hear some men and women saying they have a certain number of exes and the reasons they broke up. I swear sometimes I just think these people date so that they can break the record of a person with the most exes. Be reasonable when you love someone. Don’t let an argument over ice cream destroy this beautiful thing that you have. Don’t let the rumours from friends and other people to come between the two of you. Be honest and loyal. Even if it’s hard, one way or the other the truth will come out. Don’t let a character on TV be the home wracker. Trust me one of my friends broke up with a guy because he said he preferred girls like Chloe Moretz. It’s so ridiculous how some people fight over shit like this? How is it even normal? 

4. Realise 

You should open those eyes and see what a gift you have. Love has become something so hard to find and trust me when you do find it you should realise it and love it. Realise what you have, who you have, what they go through for you, how they take up your shit, how they just love you. Realise life isn’t easy and it feels easy when you have someone by your side. Realise that they think about you at all times, realise they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t give a single fuck about you, just fucking realise. Take a moment have a cup of coffee or whatever you like and look at them, think how lucky you are. Give yourself a moment to say ‘wow, thank you God’ realise those cute moment.

5. Be yourself 

Okay so we like to impress, we accept people and we should also learn to be ourselves. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not because there is no actor that stays in character for their entire life. That’s just wrong. So be the cool and sexy and naughty and hot and strange and wired person and don’t even try to conceal it. If they don’t accept you that way, then it’s not really worth it. If they don’t realise how loving you are and how cool you are then it’s not really worth it. Also don’t copy someone, just because it works for them it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Don’t be a Copycat , be yourself. You are fine that way.  

6. Learn your lines

I mean know how to talk to other people. Just because you don’t like what they like it doesn’t mean you should spit your words like a venom. I don’t like it that’s why I don’t do it. So if you don’t like it you better stop doing it. People are different and there will have their own views on almost anything and some are strongly opinionated and some are not, the centre of that is knowing how to structure your words. The only way to turn me off is talking to me like I am stupid or just dumb, that would really piss me off. Be assertive and accept people for who and what they are. You can eat my food from the fridge and I will forgive you, even if it’s my favourite ice cream I will find it in my heart to forgive lol but what I hate is to make me feel stupid. A person might as well shut their mouth, so learn your lines and not hurt people with what you say. Words hurt people. They create scars that can never be healed. So I will say it again, learn your lines and be careful with what you say. 

There is more that I will probably include in another post some day but all I am saying is we need to be ourselves, be confident, accept, realise and allow love to show us it’s green pastures . I know I speak erotic almost all the time but I want to love someone one day and I want someone to love me. I wanna get good, bad and dirty with them. Of course someone could literally curse at my face and say I have never been in love and I don’t know what it’s like. You are right, I don’t. But you know what, with so many mistakes that some people make, I also learn from them. I am born in a family of too many single people, single parents and single single everything. I am an independent woman, I just don’t want to be single single everything. I wanna share my love with someone, share my ice cream with someone, share a joke, laugh, cry, shout, yell, scream and smile with someone. I wanna share this kitten with someone okay 😂. I am not saying it’s gonna be easy, but the easier it is the least it will last. Good things come with hard work, and so does love. 

46 thoughts on “Why some people don’t find love 

      1. Oh yeah, stalkers lol, wouldn’t want that. I am on my way to college, kind of slept in haha but I didn’t have any classes early so I won’t be late. I hope you have a good time at work 😊

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  1. I enjoyed reading every word in this post. Its soo true!! Love isn’t some perfect thing that’s depicted in story books or on tv. It takes everything you mentioned to love someone, plus some grit. Lol have a great day. Simile and laugh and be you!!! I love your positive vibe keep at it.

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