Do Not disturb 

He was just coming from his five day work trip. As he walked into his huge house, he heard a sensual song playing. It was one of her favourite songs. He knew how much his beautiful girlfriend loved hot music. It hastily put him in the mood. He had missed her a lot. He’d missed her childish smile and that small tiny giggle. Mostly her hoarse unique voice and how much she was such a cute little funny girl. He missed laughing with pure mirth, the last five days had felt like all five years without her. Despite that the scent of his favourite lasagne was also alluring his attention to the kitchen, he knew Melisa didn’t just play hot songs for the fun of it. It was either she would be dancing -sensually dancing- or surprising him with something hot or playing with herself. So he might have been hungry and tired, but he knew with Rihanna’s song – Skin playing up in their bedroom, something hot was happening and he definitely didn’t want to miss it. 

He hastily dropped his bags at the door and took the stairs. The song continued to play while images of what his girlfriend might have been up to filled his brains and spread the excitement all over his body. His cock was also getting hard each step he climbed. When he got upstairs he found his bedroom door slightly open showing enough of the bed. 

There was no beauty that could surpass the beauty of what he saw. His hard cock became wood hard watching her. He decided he wanted to see it all. He didn’t want to disturb. Mel was younger than him and irrevocably naughty and he was not getting used to it anytime soon.

She was laying on her back on the silver bedded bed, her legs were spread out wide, he pussy fully exposed to him. She had her eyes shut while her body moved, thrusting against her fingers as she was playing with her clitoris; teasing it to the sound of the song. She fondled her clit, pinched it between her two fingers and released a little moan while her otherhand  also pinched her hard nipple. She then slowly and carefully drove her two fingers into her throbbing wet pussy. She shut her eyes and gasped in some air as she thrust them almost too deep inside her. It was such a damn hot view. He found himself biting  his bottom lip, prepossessed and absolutely titillitated.  It couldn’t get any more hot within the room when she inserted three fingers and began pounding them into her pussy. Fucking herself hard and fast. Her wetness began glazing around her fingers and she pulled them out of her and sucked on her fingers, tasting herself as the song continued to play. She had put it on repeat. 

His cock was now erect and it needed her attention but he didn’t want to disturb. 
He watched her as she sat up and leaned against the pillows and the headboard of the bed. She took her dildo that he had bought for her birthday and she licked it, lubricating it then merticulously inserted it inside herself. It was so slow, so beautiful and the way she had her neck stretched back, her teeth biting on her bottom lip. More it was how she moaned such a sweet little sound as she fully inserted it inside her. The enjoyment her body showed, the way he saw her tits get even harder and full. He was astounded. Blessed he felt.

Then she began using it, plunging it in and out gentle at first. Then she increased her speed, hitting into her pussy like it was her holy way to heaven. His cock was close to pushing out the zipper of his pants. Mel had a dirty smart mouth and he heard her cry ‘fuck fuck fuck’ and knew she was needing more.  While entranced in seeing his beautiful girl  lose herself to the power of lust, he heard her moan ‘fuck me daddy, please fuck me hard. Gosh I need more’ and he swore he was leaking. She’d missed him so much and he knew she was getting frustrated. Mel was active and bad and she liked a little discipline almost from now and then. And for the past five days she hadn’t had that. They were both thirsty for the power of love and lust. But he chose not to disturb just yet. 

She changed her position and went face down butt up. Her fine round ass was facing him ever so perfectly. He didn’t even have to open the door a little wider. 

She began working herself gradually, “Aaron, that feels damn good” nothing could be exhilarating than knowing she was making love to herself because he was in her mind. He wished she knew how much he’d missed her too. But again, he was not about to disturb her as she was rapidly fucking herself in a doggie position.  Suddenly he found himself smiling. Horny smiling and happy smiling. 

She took the dildo out of her sweet little cunt and licked it clean. In the same position she was on, she ferociously rubbed her clit, occasionally rapidly fingering  herself until she was hit by a pulsating earthquake of a squirting orgasm. Her juices watered the bed, her orgasmic scream blending with the song. He sure as hell wanted to put his skin against hers at that moment. 

He watched her continue to ferociously squirt  but he was too erect, too hard and he missed her too. So he walked into the room and smacked her ass. She knew that strong hand was his but she jumped a little. She remained in the same position and he spanked her again on both sides of the butt cheeks. 

“You have been such a bad bad girl, baby” he grunted throaty and spanked her again before she got on her knees on the bed and turned to face him. He was standing at the end of the bed. Her beautiful brown eyes leered up at him, a lascivious smile playing her her plum lips. She began caressing the hard and turgid member above the silver gray work pants. 

She pushed the pants down and the alert, lengthy and beautiful dick sprung out. She held him in her hand and licked the head before she said “well daddy I have missed you” she held his set of balls in her small hand and began massaging them “and I couldn’t stop thinking about you” she whispered before she licked his entire shaft her hand gripping on his thick girth. “I wanted to be fucked really hard and bad, daddy. A bad girl need to be put in place from time to time”, she whispered before driving him almost balls deep Into her mouth… 
To be continued 

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      1. Just keep your mind that way! Works for me!
        I’m trying to finish a report but you have given me much more exciting thoughts (and I am easily distracted!)

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