Right against the wall

Daily prompt challenge: Base

It’s our eyes that do the talking 

Our bodies that do the connection 

Unbreakable and wrecking me strength less 

Crave crawling through my skin 

Your eyes

Dark and intense they pierce through the base of my skin 

I feel you everywhere 

On my every inch on my body

Wanton for you 

An overwhelming thirst

I lick my lips 

Reminice the taste of your kiss

I want you to crush me against the wall 

Show me you don’t need a certain base to take me 

Up against the wall you posses me

Choke me 

Tighter please

Take my breath away 

Crush your sinful lips against mine 

Provide me life 

Let me breath you 

While I take you in 

Let you inside where I will keep you safe and warm

Up against the wall 

Our love doesn’t need the bed and the base 

We like it rough and nowhere sane 

Grab me please 


Leave a mark that will remind me I am yours

I should be unable to walk for days 

You like me on my knees anyway 

So bang me till next week 

Right against the wall, daddy.

32 thoughts on “Right against the wall

  1. Whew Samantha, reading this is like cranking up a favorite classic-rock tune for me! Just hot as hell and has my blood pumping hard! Love the Daddy reference and feeling it for days afterwards. So true, every time you sit down you should feel it…with every step, your hips and legs should signal reminders that you were with…a man!

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