Your good girl

Chains and cuffs 

Whisps and ropes 

Dark lit and dangerous 

I am a good girl 

Breaking the rules is my middle name 

Being in trouble is my last name 

Bend me over and give me a first name 

I want it to be bad 

Dark and dangerous 

Just what you like 

Smack my ass and brand me yours 

Tattoo ‘mine’ on my ass 

We don’t need a ring for that 

Roses and chocolate 

Wine and bubbles 

Smiles and kisses 

Be a little rough with me 

Ravish me like this 

Relish me like that
Rock me hard, how you want  

I am simply your good girl 

Diamonds and gold 

Platinum and silver 

Silk and satin 

Glamour and shine 

Paris or maybe New York 

I hope you know I am not just a cheap thrill 

Take care of me 

Make my dreams come true 

Fuck at the hotel with a new position 

Make love on the beach, Let em watch 

Go animal mode at the jungle 

You will be my Simba and I will be your Nala. 

My king and I your queen 

My damn LION 

And I will always be your pretty little good girl.

67 thoughts on “Your good girl

  1. Chapter 2

    Eyes fixed … a smoke signal of anticipation from the cigarette I hold;

    Eyes transfixed … by the beauty bowed before me, the beauty I have controlled;

    Senses gripped … your musk of desire straining, aching, yearning to be told.

    Quiet. Beyond belief.

    Fleshy buttocks ripe for my hand. To inflict and to caress. To bruise and to heal. To own and to use.

    I trace the line.

    You wait …

    Welcoming me with your silence; your arousal; your anticipation.

    Praying for it. Silently begging, your arms outstretched in supplication …

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      1. And you will be ravishing me like that blindfolded and chained on the bed? Now that is something I can’t even find the word to describe, but if I try I would say it’s extremely and immensely exhilarating and well enticing.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. *Looks for a fan*
        It’s the b/w photo
        The cigarette (tho I don’t even smoke)
        And that view ….

        I want the next photo in the sequence

        Tho my mind paints a picture …

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well I am writing something at the moment I might make it sequence. Though I am happy you are already having the picture in your mind. Something worth writing about maybe?


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