Do not Disturb 2 

Previously: Do not disturb Aaron found his girlfriend playing with herself. He watched her as she rolled within the cycle of an orgasm and joined her. Read part one to understand the flow. 

She pushed the pants down and the alert, lengthy and beautiful dick sprung out. She held him in her hand and licked the head before she said “well daddy I have missed you” in her tiny husky voice. 

She held his set of balls in her small hand and began massaging them  while she said, “and I couldn’t stop thinking about you, in my mouth and inside me” she whispered before she licked his entire shaft her hand gripping on his thick girth.

 “I wanted to be fucked really hard and bad, daddy. A bad girl need to be put in place from time to time”, she whispered before driving him almost balls deep Into her mouth. She almost chocked as the head of his cock hit at the back of her throat but she didn’t stop, she took him in again, leering up at him and seeing his face filled with erotic merriment. She hummed, the vibration of her throat against his rock hard member made him grunt enjoyingly. She pulled him and used her hand to stroke up and down gently but fast. She didn’t take her eyes off his face, the mask of gratification he wore pleased her immensely. Mostly it was his taste in her mouth. Five days without feeling him like this had almost felt like she was in a state of poverty. She had missed him too much.

“Stop” he grunted throaty and she did as bid and waited to be told what to do like an obedient child. Aaron was always taken back with her big round baby eyes. Especially when she blinked them, fluttering her long eye lashes. The vulnerability within them along with the nubility laced within those globes that saw through him always left him pretty prepossessed. She had a little pout on those luscious piquant lips that served him life. How he had missed them, how he had felt like his life lacked something within those five days. The heavy weight of his love for her made his heart plummet. It was a question of whether would she be strong enough to catch his heavy love for her. Hence with the way she was able to take him in no matter how fast, slow or even kinkiest he went, he knew Mel was a strong girl. Strong in too many ways that he couldn’t comprehend too. 

“I want you against that wall right now” he bided her and she got off the bed hastily and stood across the bed pressed her back against the whole. She   manoeuvred her hair and pushed it to the side of her neck. She bit on her lip while she spread her legs wide, lifted her arms over her head, ached her back slightly pressing her full ass against the wall. She revealed her lascivious smile a little while still biting on her lip. He grinned. This girl, he swore he was going to bang her naughty little ass today. She would remember ‘daddy came home hungry‘. 

Aaron joined her by the wall. He took his time marvelling her girlfriend body. A masterpiece it was. They had both witnessed it transition from a bit chubby to the toned and fit woman she was. His hands caressed from her stomach, he felt goosebumps on her skin, hairs standing sharp against his palms. He took his time touching her body in different directions until he began kissing her. Hungrily kissing her, air had no vent to pass through, all they breathed was love  and lust. They felt astronomical together and despite that Aaron was still fully dress in his fine suite and tie, feeling his heavy body against hers was immensely breath taking. Mostly it was feeling his hard cock brush against her thigh making her drenching wet. She missed his potency and she wanted him so bad. No words could define how much she wanted him.

While they kissed Aaron touched her pussy and began stroking some sensual long and teasing circles. She began moving her hips against his touch. 

“Steady sweetheart” he warned and she tried keep steady but that was just impossible. His touch was intoxicating, immensely enthralling. 

Aaron the knelt down, held her hips with his both hands and licked her pussy. She almost climaxed. Aaron was a skilled man and everything he did felt incredibly good. 

He used his hands to spread her pussy so he could taste her. She was having a hardship staying steady. It was just plain impossible, especially with the way his tongue penetrated her, licked and sucked on her, she swore she had never felt anything like it before. While she enjoyed the lovely feel of his tongue flicking in her clitoris, he penetrated her with his fingers. Two, she guessed. He was was fingering her passionately slow and tormentingly stimulating her clit. 

“Fuck this feels great” she swore under her breath, rolling her eyes back with immeasurable enjoyment. 

Aaron didn’t stop, he continued at the same pace, he had missed her taste so bad and all he wanted was to savour her piquantly nice taste for as long as he wanted. As  long as he bid her not to cum just yet, Mel would oblige like always. More juices began flowing from her sweet pussy, her moan was getting a bit louder and more pleading for an orgasm. 

“Daddy, I wanna cum…” She moaned out 

“Not yet baby” he told her but Mel’s legs began trembling as she fought the violent orgasm that was coming for her. 

“Please please please” she pleaded and he knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer. He began rubbing her wet clit with his fingers. This time when he fingered her he hastened his pace, he knew she wasn’t having a small orgasm, it was going to knock her sideways. 

“I want you inside me when I cum” she told him and so Aaron got off his knees and stroked his hard and turgid cock while he bid her to turn around. She pressed her hands in the wall and arched her back, spread her legs wide and prepared for him. Aaron carefully entered her while she took in some air and he enjoyed the warmth of her pussy. He then began pounding into her gently at first. He smacked her ass as he plunged into her. Each smack aroused her eliciting a sensual grunt from her. He held her hips in place and began pounding into her fast. She felt so good around him, he felt like he had found heaven with his dick wrapped tight inside her sweet little cunt. The little girl was amazingly intoxicating and he fell in love with her every day. And as he fucked her right against that wall, he was aware his love for this woman was increasing. She was such a perfect fit for him. She took him in so good, teased him and submitted herself to him. If that wasn’t exhilarating then nothing was. 

He gathered her hair in his hand and pulled it towards himself making her arch her back even more in which it helped him drive balls deep into her. He fucked her bad like it was their last day on earth, he fucked her senseless, fucked her breathless. Right against the wall they changed their position, her back was against the wall and her legs locking just above his ass. He was driving into her like she was the latest Jaguar. Breathless they were, entwined within their romance, the levels of their love increasing with each entrance Aaron did. Skin to skin they were and at that moment as he chocked her neck, pressing it against the wall, they both felt the overwhelming power of love.  It thundered within the room, striking a powerful lightening of their love, washing away the sound of the the song that was playing. It was them, skin against skin, the wet sound of him entering her, the friction of him fucking her , the way her hard tits were pressed against his chest, the way his fingers dug into her skin on her ass cheeks as he pressed her body against his. 

Love was something surprisingly astounding that night. The way it consumed the both of them, it provided them with such amazing love and power in a way that nothing mattered apart from them. 

His cock became harder inside her and within their love making against the wall they both climaxed. A tsunami of an orgasm it was. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the neighbours heard their moans of pleasure. Their bodies where pulsating, they were glazed with one’s cum. The explosion knocked them strengthless. What they wanted now was a fine long bath together, catching up and laughing and then go eat together and probably make love again before they went to bed. 
“I love you, Melisa” Aaron whispered in her ear once he had finally steadied his rapidly beating heartbeat and his harsh breath. 
“I love you Aaron” Mell breathlessly whispered.

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      1. You’re welcome and you are doing perfection on your own. I enjoy reading your post and I thank you for reading mine. I wrote a new one if you want to read it

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  1. I read part 1 earlier today and was thinking to myself, I wonder when part 2 is coming out. Low and behold, it’s here!! Today!!! Must have read my mind. . .

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