25 thoughts on “You and I 

      1. Being loved, appreciated, realised and treated like I am important. Having someone show me I mean something to them and just their presence and the love is mostly what would make me feel special.

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      2. I wonder if Miss Lady feels like this. I’m going to the fair, is like a carnival, and I would really like for her to come with me instead of going with someone who needs to get out of the house. I’d rather go with Miss Lady but I’m scared to ask her at work bc last time I tried talking to her at work… well, It wasn’t a pleasant situation.

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      3. Try again, showing her that you aren’t giving up is one of the most beautiful and most attractive thing. Be cool with it and be confident and I promise you she might even smile when you approach her

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      4. Thanks, she kinda smiled the last time I tried approaching her.. or maybe she showed me her teeth… IDK but they are still beautiful. I wonder if she has school today … …

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      5. Man I sure hope so. I hope I’m protected by the angels and God. I hope I am kept from that awful place. . . . . . Can I have some more advice. Would you prefer being approached at the privacy of your home or at work where everyone can see?

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      6. Fear can be the the thing that reminds us we are people but it hinders us from doing a lot of things. Imagine if you just let go and lose yourself? How many things would you have experienced? Don’t let it overwhelm you. It’s part of us but we also have to challenge it and fight it.

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