Art challenge 

So I have always loved art and I haven’t drew anything since maybe last year because I am just lazy I guess. So I had inspiration from The V Pub. I failed at my first attempt and I was beginning to have Second thoughts about doing it. And I have never ever drew any nude images and my art skills aren’t all that. I can’t draw something like this: 

I was attempting to draw this picture of me: 

I can only draw mostly the interior of the face not the exterior of the face and I don’t normally draw a full body. 

I attempted to draw a man… Butt naked. 

This is image I attempted to draw: 

And this is how I drew it: 

And this is with the snapchart effect: 

🙈 I am kind of proud of myself cause this is the first time I ever drew a guy butt naked or even draw a body for that matter. 
I hope you guys like it and I drew it in about 10 to 15 mins lol. I am not a patient person. 

85 thoughts on “Art challenge 

      1. It’s not that I don’t like taking trains, I just never had to travel with them. South African ones are quite dangerous so a train was the last thing in my mind 😊


      2. Thank you
        I have just got slightly daunted by the prodigious output of some people here …

        I’ll have to get better … or faster at least.

        Now to dream of that train x

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