Is masturbation wrong? 

When I first ever touched myself I was so mortified and I was scared shitless that I had committed a sin. I am from a Christian family so I thought mom would find out lol. I didn’t even know why I was feeling horny in the first place. It was just plain wierd but as I couldn’t control myself I began to think fuck it. It feels great so why notWrong or right I think I will determine that. 

It’s easier for anyone to easily think masturbation is a sin due to religious beliefs and many other things. I don’t know whether it’s wrong or right, what I know is… It’s one hell of a good stress reliever and if you wanna find your own sweet little heaven on earth, you can of you make some good love to yourself. 

Second: you can’t expect someone to know your body well if you don’t know yourself. Masturbation – especially when you are a woman; it helps you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Do you prefer clitoris or you prefer penetration, which position do you like the most? There isn’t a school for that sweetie, so You have to learn all that by yourself. There  isn’t a ‘what-works-for-you-school’; Channel your thoughts and your mind and everything into it and you will know what works and what doesn’t for you. Even okay your favourite sexual song; Don’t be shy to yourself! 

Third: it feels damn good! Why should you not do it? It’s a fucking human thing, in fact animals do it too. It’s like how fireworks explode 💥!

Fourth: you become confident. That is because you know yourself sexually. Even if you date a lad that will ask you to play with yourself, you will know how to even tease him you know *wink*.

Fifth: it’s self love. Love making shouldn’t always be between two people, you on your own, make some damn good love to yourself, challenge yourself, push your damn limits, be creative just like how you will like your sex life to be creative. 

Sixth: some people will never admit to it because they think it’s disgusting, it’s wrong, it’s a sin, it’s done by dirty minded people, blah blah blah etc. Matter of fact is EVERYONE DOES IT!!! Even your boss, that neighbour of yours does it, even that teenage girl across the street does it, your teacher does it, your favourite actor does it, your crush does it; everyone you know does it. It’s just like a fact that probably every hand you have shaken has once touched a dick or a pussy. 

So back to the question. Is Mastubation wrong? That’s up to you. If you keep thinking that you will restrict yourself from knowing yourself and enjoying more of your sexuality, you are probably the one who is wrong. I think those who think it’s wrong, they haven’t come to terms with their sexuality, the activity of their libido is ignored and that would probably lead to them being less active. I am not ignorant and I don’t ignore that kitty when she need my attention.

All I am saying is, you know even if you have that incessant feeling that it’s wrong, you will do it either way. I can’t ignore my body, I don’t know if anyone can. I even saw a girl from the TV show about girls from the Amish saying they do it too and they know it’s wrong for them! 

So my final answer is: if it was wrong, people would be dying from it. So there is no death effect from masturbation. So then go ahead and pleasure that kitten of yours 😉

Daily prompt: Primp

47 thoughts on “Is masturbation wrong? 

  1. The ability to unleash the power in our minds and bodies through masturbation is a gift. That gift being labelled “wrong”, is done by fearful people attempting to place subjective constraints on others based on their own version of morality.

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  2. I could never understand why some people feel the need to label harmless, loving acts as bad. Things that are a natural instinct. Maybe as a way to distance themselves from the animals we invariably are.
    Anywho, it feels awesome, hurts no one, and is a hell of a way to cure some insomnia. 😉

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  3. I was told that I would grow hairy palms if I did it. Well, for scientific purposes I tried it, and I can say in the affirmative that this isn’t true. And yes, I’m still experimenting. 😉 No hairy palms yet. 😀

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  4. What would we all do without self love ?!
    As you say, knowing yourself well is important – whether single or in a relationship.

    And sometimes … well we all just need to release a bit of tension!

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  5. I was recently at dinner with a few Christian ladies that I knew from my church going days and they tried to say masturbation was wrong. But their arguments were weak and they eventually agreed that there is no absolute. They can’t say definitively that it’s wrong. And how could they? We have enough to worry about without wondering if making ourselves feel good is wrong.

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      1. Aaaah..
        if you ever pee yourself you will understand…. the warmth of it..

        But what I was trying to say…
        You are the only one that can feel and knows what what is good 😊 for you.. except you..

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