On my knees, you bid

On my knees, I oblige 

Unclothed i am 

Free and unveiled is my inquisitive mind 

Unbeknownst of today’s activity, I exhale 

Divulge my eroticism 

I am no good girl, despite my innocence 

Flourish you dominance 

Blindfold me darkness 

Veil the sight of any man

Reign me fully

Flaunt your manhood in my darkness 

Shall it be all I see 

Endure it at its roughest 

Endure it at its kindest

Prevailing in my skin for as long as you need 

Blindfolded, sight taken astray 

Every nerve of my body sensitive 

Needful for your touch 

Squirming under your presence 

Unbeknownst of your mood 

Your latent desires locked within 

I am curious, I want to know 

Retrained, I am going nowhere 

Unveiled are the visions of my desires 

D’you ought to put your manhood in my mouth 


In my ass 

D’you ought to finger me fast 

or slowly? 

Blindfolded, I am 

Dripping, I am wet 

Addicted to you 

Never used to you 

But still into you 

Blindfolded, it’s dark 

But still 

All I see is you. 


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