Daily prompt: Flames

At such a young age, I burn

My affection too huge, the Flames are incongruous 

My passion is like a fire 

Flaming so hard, I am also burning 

It’s too early to define how I feel as love 

Hence I know no man ever touched so deep like you do;

I have a beautiful smile, you said; 

Flames of want and happiness burned within my heart

Alive I was 

I believed we had a chance right then 

Your disappearance should hinder the feelings of optimism 

I should forget you,

 open new doors for a new flame 

Surprise surprise 

The flames are still burning for you 


Why the fuck am I even caring?

The day passed, it was important to you, I knew 

It shouldn’t have been important to me 

I wished I would see you 

Celebrate your existence 

You existence in my life 

My head

My heart 

I wish you could fucking stop 

I don’t want you to fucking stop. 

Let the flames burn around us 

Circulate us in a circle of some thing new

Something so precious, my heart plummets with such heavy liking

Are you going to catch it and take care of it 

I wish to see it burn in your mystic hands

Hold me firmly.

Fear is also a negative flame 

My fear is rejection 

Your fear, I am unbeknownst of it 

Hence my guess is, it’s me 

Youth is a flame you have never burnt with

Well surprise surprise darling

I am the flame that’s willing to burn with you 

You are my fire 

You pour gasoline into my spirit 

Let me burn in blue red flames 

Let me suffer the wrath of this flame I have on you 

Let me burn in orange flames 

Then you disappear 

Fucking disappear into thin air 

That’s the funny thing about this shit 

I hate feeling so weak 

So needful 

So wanton for your fucking unavailable attention 

What the fuck did you do to me? 

Honestly I want to know, 

What on this fucking earth did you flippin’ do to me?

I am burning and I want it to stop

Or either you merge with me and let us burn in huge flames together. 

That’s all that I want. 

Or else free me and let me have a new flame for someone else

But then again that’s where the problem is 

I don’t want to burn for someone else

I want to burn for you

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