Flash fiction: a burning desire.

Summer had just passed and the seasons were changing. Mostly it had been heavily rainy and gloomy in England  but on that Monday it wasn’t. And everyday when he walked by her house, he’d never seen her there. Hence on that sunny morning he couldn’t move away from that window. Across the street he was, the image and the beauty and the sublimity of her surpassed the rails of the black window blinders and hastily hit against his heart and branded her name to his latent desires. 

She wore a red summer dress and he could hear the soft and both erotic sound of Lana Del Rey’s burning desire. He had once asked her who her favourite singer was and she told him it was Lana Del Rey. With how prepossessed he was with her, he began listening to Lana and he would be lying if he said he didn’t like her music. Hence, what was more alluring was how he imagined her dancing to the soft blues from Lana’s music, so when he heard the song play and saw her by the window he only hopped for his dream to come true. 

The sun shined brighter on her face as he saw her move with the melody, her hips were swaying and moving so slow and romantic. The red dress was even brighter as it flew with her while she swung her hips to the left and to the right. Her skin was shining bright as though it was glazed with molten gold, her grey eyes sparkled as though they were an expensive silver. 

He watched and forgot the time and place. As Lana Del Rey’s angelic voice sang ‘I have a burning desire for you baby’ she closed her eyes, savoured the moment while biting on her lip, her hands were cupping her tits and squeezing them while her body swayed to the sound of the song. He felt his cock become hard and suffocated within the tight pants. Her red dress wasn’t even helping to cease this bad desire, in fact; it made him want to strip her off it. 

He had never seen her dance and damn was her dance one worth watching even. When the lyrics went ‘I have to touch myself to pretend you’re here’ her hand caressed from her chest slowly travelling down to her pussy. She stretched her neck back and continued swaying her hips but with the way her hand was moving he was aware she wasn’t only dancing this time. She was pleasuring herself. And with that, his whole body was burning with a burning desire. 

The song went on and she continued dancing in circles while moving her body ever so sexy and so gently. Her other hand reached up to her other boob and played with it over the red dress. The song went towards the end but she hadn’t finished yet and he wasn’t ready for her to stop yet. Mostly he wished he was there watching her right close.

But this was good enough.  So as the song went on, he saw her bring her hand from her pussy and putting it in her mouth while her body still moved. She sucked on her fingers and licked them savoured her taste. He was keen, he was eager to enjoy her sweet pussy and he was eager to make good love to her while that very same song played. But she was his student and he was her teacher. Her body was something that didn’t stray off his mind and he knew she would always be a fantasy.

That was the sadness he wished he could sort out. What would a teacher who had fallen in love with his student do to have her in his arms? 

Another flash fic story. Every time I read Davey’s work I become inspired to try on a flash fic story. They aren’t my strongest in writing but I think if I continue to read more I will be better. 

Thanks for reading 

14 thoughts on “Flash fiction: a burning desire.

      1. I think it’s hard to get over it because you didn’t get to experience being with them. I have felt like this for a year or so now and every time I see them it’s like love at first sight

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