Filthy love 

Daily prompt challenge: Filthy

Filthy love 

I want to love you hard 

Little and young but filthy 

An innocent facade effacing a filthy brain

I want to ride you hard 

Backwards and frontwards 

Filthy and sexy 

I want to suck you dry

Take you into me 

Taste you, daddy 

Let your filthy minded girl get all freaky on you 

You know you love that shit

And you know I love you 

All of you 

Rough and soft 

Hard and strong 

Sexy as fuck 

Breathtaking and lascivious

I want to show you how grateful I am 

I am just one in a million 


Chosen by you

You drive me crazy, daddy 

You retrain me, keep me safe 

Damn you are so filthy 

How you lick me here 

How you touch me there 

How you fuck me bad 

How you lose yourself into me 

How you can’t get enough of me 

How you fucking want me 

How I turn you on 

How you like my filthy mind 

Daddy that’s why I never get enough of you 

That’s why I want All of you

In my life 

 in my mouth 

In my ass 

In my cunt 

Between my huge tits

We are a pair of filthy freaks 

UnApologetic sexy bustards we are. 

I want to be glazed by your essence 

Illuminated by your love 

I want to be yours 

In and out you possess me 

I love how filthy minded you are 

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