Daily prompt challenge: Mythical 

Your perfection is mythical 

Legendary and greatly heroic 

Immense beauty, no man can compete 
A Greek god you are, 

beguiling and alluring 

Striking and damn smashing words out of me

I am blessed to have lived in this century 

A century were I am fortunate enough to witness such ethereal handsomeness 

Serendipitous and heaven-sent 

You gleam like an angel with a lot of grace  

Angel hence a devil in disguise.
My eyes can’t stray from those fetching  sinful  lips 

So striking, they provoke sinful images in my head 

How they would kiss me

And how I would kiss them

Marvel their beauty with my eyes, 

Taste you 
Your enchanting physique 

Innovative and mysterious personality 

You are so mythical, it’s so amazing

Smacking me sideways leaving me always wondering if I would ever be blessed enough to be yours.  

The colour of your eyes, it’s mystic like you

Searching into my soul 

Finding that little piece of me that I was unbeknownst of

Propelling a smile on my face, huge brighter and bigger than any smile on my face.

Speeding up my libido 

Trembling my entire body 

Leaving me to melt into liquid gold 

My heart beating against the speed of a nanosecond. 
You are mythical 

If I were told a story about you 

I would not believe you are real because such beauty is just mythical 

That’s why I have a name for you: MYSTIC 

5 thoughts on “Mystic

    1. I have missed you Michael and I am so happy to hear from you. I enjoy writing about how mystic men are. I personally find men to be really mysterious and that’s intrigues me and that’s why I love men. They are so… Mystic

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