Corrupt me

Give me what I was afraid to ask for 

Something that will leave me sated 

And knowing I was in your arms 

Give me a drug I will be high on for as long as I live 

An experience I am anticipating

Give me a whole new universe of passion 

Bad and rough sex

Make me reach the last limit of my limits 

Beg for air

Give me a little death.

Corrupt me 

Take my innocence with you 

Teach me 

Discipline me 

Put me on a straight line

Give me what I am afraid to ask for 

Because it will make me sound dirty 


A whore 

Remind me I love doing this 

Give me a bigger reason why I love it 

Sate my curious mind with all of you and your mystic mind

Give me a rough and sexy ride 

That with each move, I will know which spaceship we used 

That when I close my eyes, let a test of pleasure fall 

Washed astray is my fear of heights 

Because you took me to the highest I have ever been

I am see the stars you took me to. 

Continue to drill me, 

Drill a huge hole inside my innocent head and fill me up with your essence 

Your seed 

Grow a whole new me that you like. 

Give me what I am in need of 

But afraid to ask for

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