Loving and fucking in the British weather.

I hate this weather, I hear

I hate this snow, they tell me 

I love this cold, I say 

Latently I know, 

It’s our culture,  

It’s the time we are closer 

Providing warmth for each other

Coating me with your arms 

Furling me with warm love 

My nipples would be hard and sensitive 

My body responsive to your every touch 

Keen and pleading for your attention 

Your heat, I breath you to survive 

For your heated love, I will thrive 

Skin to skin, we would be 

Laced lips, they would be 

Tasting tongues, our piquancy

My wolf you are, you provide me warmth 

Protect what it’s yours 

Your mercurial eroticism 

Dirty you are my love 

Nasty and sinful minded, I love

My hot wolf,

My alpha, I obey, you love me cold 


so that I can feel you 

Warm and hard, your body against mine 

Ardent and avid is your cock

Eager to be wrapped inside my warmth  

Fervent and fervid, you slide into me 

Stone and turgid, you pound into me 

Vigorous and intense, you ravish me 

Hot and flaming, you are fucking me

My love, I love you, you love my body cold 

So that when your essence explodes into me, 

I will feel it, spreading into me, 

Heat splashing inside me 

Your flaming love unleashed inside me

No ashes and smoke, you’re electric 

Your lightening pulsating 

Striking away the cold inside me 

Daddy, my sinful handsome, you love the floor cold

So that when you lay me down, 

My body will palpitate with vehement pleasure  

Let your body chase away the cold 

Our heat be unbearable 

Fuck till the snow melt 

Your Love,

Your lust, indelible 

My fire, my volcano, you love this cold 

So you can explode, your essence

Onto my chest, shall you 

So I can feel the warmth on your essence as it spats on my skin

Conjure goosebumps, a frenzy and a quake 

Love in the British weather is bad 

Fucking till the snow falls 

Then fucking till our heat melt it, 

Then celebrating its coldness with our naked bodies attached 

Dance a damn dance that will water the dry roads 

Kiss in the British rain, like its our first time seeing a shooting star. 
Love in the British cold, never disappoints.

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