Let me play 

Daily post challenge: Construct


Burning so fervently 

Ever so exhilarated by the thoughts of you 

Tonight I must pay attention daddy 

Pay attention to myself

I want to construct a feeling of self love 

Play my music and touch myself 

My hand Marvelling my body leaving fevent chills in my skin 

Laying on my back, spreading my legs wide 

So wide I feel myself spread wider 

Leisurely touch myself 

No need to rush 

Stroke the swollen clit tormentingly slowly 

Putting on some pressure 

Gently make love to myself 

Construct a feeling of self confidence 

Know myself 

Drive my fingers inside my moist 

Feel them wrapped tight 

Feel them rotate inside me 

Feel them stretch me 

Wet and glazed by my juices

Take my time there is no need to rush 

My thumb pressed and pleasuring my clit  

Move my hips to the rhythm of my own sound 

Clip and pinch the attention seeking nipples 

Construct an understanding of my own body 

Lose myself to the ecstasy 

Gradually increase the momentum 

Fuck it feels great

My fingers stretch and stretch me 

Ardently pummelling them inside me 

Fill my ears with the sound of my wetness 

I am dripping 

I am so saucy today 

I am constructing an explosion so huge 

Taste the sweetness of my own sex 

Know myself well 

Know how fast I want to be fucked 

How slow I want to be rode 

My dirt fingers will help me figure this out 

Plunge them ever so deep 

Lose myself 

While gaining knowledge about myself 

Construct an unending desire for myself 

38 thoughts on “Let me play 

      1. Oh yeah, I kind of base my poetry on that kind of thing. I don’t really understand the basis of BDSM relationship but the sense of giving a man some sense of power is some how exhilarating and that comes through in my poetry.

        I haven’t even started getting festive, I haven’t put up a Christmas tree or some light. I have been toooo busy with college and stuff.

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      2. I don’t get BDSM either. But i guess in a sexual situation one or either has to submit.
        I hope you enjoy your Christmas. Get the tree up soon. I will have to next weekend! ☺

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      3. Yeah one has to submit in a sexual situation and with some of the BDSM stories that I have read, I am pretty sure it’s not something I would really want or blindly walk into because some submissive parts of what I have read just put me off haha.

        I will put my tree up maybe next weekend and I hope you enjoy your Christmas too 😊 bought any presents yet?

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      4. It doesn’t necessarily scare me, there are some parts of it that I know I wouldn’t tolerate. I can submit but not in a way that I kind of lose myself. I just think some parts of it are too much lol

        I have bought a few presents too 😊

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      5. Same here… But i still have so much to find out about me. But I’m not sure i will..
        Nope, I wont be getting piles of stuff or anything exciting so I’ll just look forward to hopefully a good day.

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      6. You will be able to, the sky is the limit Simon. I am just starting to know myself more and to be honest, it is such an experience.

        I hope someone surprises you and get you something 😉

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  1. Wow, Saam, this was so hot! You really know how to put emotions to words. Keep writing like this. Such hotness.. 😉 Btw, I used your awesome profile pic for a post I did on my blog novel last year. I love that one!

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      1. Sure, Saam! 🙂 The link to that post is https://journeyheartlove.wordpress.com/2016/05/08/passion-by-the-fire/. This is part of a novel in blog form that starts here: https://journeyheartlove.wordpress.com/2015/10/03/the-journey-begins/. It’s completely free but you’ll have to scroll up the blog to find each part, which is labeled at the top of each post. It’s just a first draft of a novel I wrote based on a true story of me when I was 20 years old in Germany. It would give you some insight into me and why I write romance and love. My style has changed a little with the flash fiction pieces, in which I’ve tried to break free from conventional writing and use more descriptive language and emotion. The novel is different and covers a much longer love story between Dale and Claudia. You might also like it. If you do read it, please let me know. Again Saam, you’re awesome. Just thought I’d throw that in. 😉 And .. steamy Saam.. what a post.. 😉

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