When you posses me 

 drill me 

Bang me

Spank me 

Spread me 

Thrust  into me 

Drive me 

Fuck me 

Lick me 

Kiss me 

Tie me 

Slip into me 

Touch me

Blindfold me 

Ravish me 

Flip me 

Take me from back and forth 

Up and down;

Glide into me 

Choke me 

Whip me 

Bend me over 

Sate me 

Love me 

Shall the image of another man vanish into nonexistence.

35 thoughts on “Vanish 

      1. I good – I hoped it would have that effect. But I was catching up with you this morning when I woke up and it was exciting stuff for first thing in the morning! 😉

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    1. Thank you Davey 😄 always love hearing from you 😊 and thanks a lot Davey. I saw that you posted a new Flash fic story and thought I didn’t wanna read it while I am busy cause I want to take my time and enjoy it 😊

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      1. I always feel like the power should shift between the two partners because sometimes I would like to take control and sometimes the guy to take control. However I am mostly excited by the guy taking control and that sense of potency and unshakable masculinity, a sense of dominance in him.

        Mostly what arouses me is being blindfolded or tied. Having no idea what his intentions are, that mystery just drives me insane and being tied – no moving, no disturbing and mostly, that feeling of losing control mixed with frustration that I can’t move a certain way. Stuff like that do arouse me 😊

        What about you? What arouses you, taking control or having your partner take control? I love this question by the way 😄

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      2. I don’t like restrictions, not being able to move a certain way is not arousing to me. I am a free spirit however control can be lead by either feminine or masculine energy in ways that do not require restrictive movements. In my opinion, shared control, trust, compassion, forgiveness, love, communication etc, is exciting. I don’t like being restricted from communicating while someone follows me around. There is nothing exciting about being frustrated. Being in situations blind is neither arousing to me unless, I’ve developed major trust in the person I am being blind folded around. I think its safe to say, if my partner enjoys something or wants to try something new, I’d appreciate if it were communicated to me long before we engage in whatever it is. Being thrown into something with no knowledge, or no sight is nowhere close to being sexually stimulating to me.

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      3. I understand what you mean and I obviously didn’t mean doing such with a person I am not in love with and that I don’t trust or don’t know at all. I mean with a person I would be in love with. And I understand that people have different views and things that arouse them. I believe between partners experimenting with certain things would always brighten the relationship and make it interesting and exciting. And obviously I always say communication is part of the relationship, it’s not like I would be just going to let him go all crazy on me without even discussing it lol. I feel like you didn’t understand my response but that’s okay 😊

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      4. I understand now and it wasn’t your response I misunderstood, I was more so speaking from experience of being restricted and required to do something I don’t necessarily want to. Do harm, no foul.

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      5. I am aroused by shared control. 50/50 no restrictive movements and requirements. Everything being done out of love not selfish control. I would like if my woman was in a state of necessity and just gave me a look before she initiates. And there will be times when I will just give her a look before I initiate.

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      6. I totally get what you mean and people are different and I wouldn’t just do it without any love in it. I don’t really get myself involved with such acts without love. Love has always been the vehicle of my writing and my personality and literally most of the things I write no matter how lustrous they are

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