Beautiful and naughty sinners

We are in a church, I see you come and sit next to me. We have always had an eye on each other and every time your glances stirs up a hot feeling in me. 

But today, I don’t want to let you walk out of this church without letting me worship you. So I wear ‘the good woman’ mask and call you to come with me. 

With no much private rooms in this church, I lead the way to the only place I know no one will interrupt our tryst and no one will hear us voice our pleasure. 

You follow behind me, we don’t say a word but our bodies speak. I can feel your eyes at my ass, you like how it’s all bubbly and shaking. Surprise surprise, daddy; I am not wearing any underwear. 

I glance behind at you and you hastily raise your head up high, pretend as though you weren’t marvelling my ass with your eyes. Don’t be apologetic, I know it’s affecting your hidden sensual side. That’s excatly what I want. Your vigorous sexual side. 

I open the door to the priest’s office and let you walk in. After you are in I shut the door and lock it. “The service will be done in 45 mins, and the priest will be here in about an hour” I tell you and all you do is smirk lasciviously. 

“We have all the time we need” you tell me. I don’t spend too long trying to let you undress me. I am too eager to feel you inside me that I can’t wait another second. I strip naked and you watch me, intently. I know you are turned on but you prefer marvelling me with your eyes first.

When I come up to kiss you, you stop me “I am in control here baby girl” your voice is all husky and sexy. It conjures a coquettish smile from me, you grab my hair and pull me to your mouth, tighten your hand in my hair, cause a little sting but that’s alright. 

You kiss me. Breathlessly. Your hands are all over my body, reaching for my tits, squeezing them and plucking the attention seeking nipples. 

You lower your mouth to one of them, kiss it, lick it and flick your tongue around it. Before you even go any further, you have me crazy for you. 

One of your hands caresses from my chest down to my sex. As your cool fingers trace above my pussy, I catch my breath. Your touch is intoxicating, thrilling ever part of me, making me so wet we won’t need a lube. 

Your fingers fondle with my clit, stimulating and invigorating my libido. You lips come back to mine, kiss me rough this time. Make me moan while your finger dig right deep into me. Let me feel them reign my body. 

You don’t even rush this. You take your time, make me feel every inch of your fingers enter me, make me feel the friction of each entrance, enthralling a stormy orgasm. You take your time, while you kiss me. 

Your fingers, still digging into me gradually, be so aware of them, know that I am under your spell. Make every nerve of my body feel enraptured by your dexterity. 

You withdraw your fingers and lift me up and sit me on the priest’s office table. Spread my legs wide and pull out your engrossed and hard manhood. Give him a good few strokes, get him ready to be enraptured within me. 

Then I feel it. Snaking into me with such ease. Entering me with such power, taking me up on a venture already. You take your time and not rush anything. Then you lean over at me and kiss me again, while you get me used to you. 

Then begin. Getting fervent as we go on. Ramming into me like it’s the last thing you will do good in life. Pummelling that hard cock ever so deep, I become breathless. 

On the priest’s desk, you take me. Take me hard and fast, daddy. Bang me like you have a turbo engine. Forget we are in a Fucking church, reign my passion in the kingdom of our love making. 

You flip me over, with my feet on the ground and my hands on the desk, my ass facing you. You smack it, lightly as you glide into me from behind. 

Skin to skin we are, the erotic sound of our bodies slapping into each other as you swiftly drive into me, cloud the room. Don’t worry we are far away from the church room, no one can hear us. 

Your drive me, drive me from behind. With so much power. Your dive balls deep into me, smack my ass again hear me return with a gratified hum. Gosh, you feel so damn good inside me. 

You take charge of my ass. Of me. Ram into me like it’s your last day on earth. Get all sweaty and breathless, work me out so hard every part of me would be exhausted after this. 

Then I feel it. The explosion you have been coaxing. You stroke it with your turgid and hard cock. You captivate it with the rapid entrances you make. You entrance it, quicken it, enfuriate it that when I climax I completely tear apart. Let the wrath of my orgasm burn me alive. Glaze you with my wetness while you still ram into me. Let it tear me into pieces so you can put me all together. Pulsating and electrified, my body feels. 

Then you get me on my knees and carelessly ram your manhood inside my mouth. Drive balls deep, let me taste my own piquancy mixed with yours. 

I stroke your hard member with my tongue, let it caress along your shaft. You draw your neck back, humming and threading your fingers into my hair. Then you take control again, guide my head, pushing your manhood so that you can drive in until my throat. 

I let you. Suck life out of you. Have you moaning and humming with my tongue. Tease the sensitive head, twirl my tongue around it before I suck on it. Assist with my hand for a little bit then burry you into my mouth as I feel you about to burst. 

Then your orgasm erupts, bursting your essence inside my mouth. Thick and heavy, let it slide down my throat. You cry out as it knocks you side ways, leaving you strengthless and frail. 

Knowing that the church could be finishing soon we get dressed up really quick. And go back to the service. My concerntration is not the same anymore. My pussy is aware that you were deep inside. And having your taste in my mouth makes me want to take you in once again. 

Aren’t we beautiful and naughty sinners.


19 thoughts on “Beautiful and naughty sinners

  1. This was certainly the type of service, that would infinitely linger. You are left with a take home message that fills you deeply and lingers divinely on your lips. An evening service is certainly in order. One where you kneel before him at this altar and confess your sins…you beautiful and very naughty sinner๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜‡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow thats so hot and sinful and sexy. I loved how you expressed his control and took over in every way. I think if that was me, getting caught would make it hotter.
    Hope you’re good Samantha… I really love your stories, you should publish them โ˜บ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow the confession booth, would love to read it, if you write in your blog can I have the link so I can read it. And the office, it was that disobedient idea that out of all offices you take the office of the most respected in a church haha. Thanks though ๐Ÿ˜Š I always love hearing from you Nita

      Liked by 1 person

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