Fav pic of the week

Hey guys, so since I have favourite song of the week, now I will also have fav picture/ pictures of the week because I don’t always have something to write you know. 
Sometimes I would go on an explain what I like in them and that would be fun and obviously I won’t be posting pictures of cats and puppies haha, they have to be damn hot šŸ”„. And they have to have me thinking šŸ”„ and feeling šŸ”„. 

So here is my favourite of this week. Something is damn naughty about this one haha. 

51 thoughts on “Fav pic of the week

  1. Forgive me if I’m rude, but do you take viagra for breakfast? Your imaginations are wild and awesome. The last time I tried to make up a sex story, I ended up thinking about demographic charts and Family Planning awareness campaigns.

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    1. Haha you are not being rude at all, no I actually never have breakfast and the wild and awesome imagination is my natural gift I was born with. I could be sleepy and come up with one hell of a hot poem or story. Thanks by the way šŸ˜„

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  2. Mmmmm.. i have had that done before..
    Was so crazingly excited..
    cum so damn hard I closed my legs so tightly and trapped his hands until I stopped convulsing…
    he had no choice but to lick šŸ‘… his fingers off.. just as the waitress walked up and asked him.. if he’s that hungry šŸ˜‹… we bust out laughing šŸ˜‚ as he nodded with his finger in his mouth šŸ‘„…

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