Claim me

In a roomful of men watching with envious stares. Shall you take me and claim me to be yours and yours only. 

Bury your cock balls deep into my mouth. “Don’t look at anyone else, you are mine now” you tell me while still buried in my mouth. 

You ram your manhood inside my mouth, take control and ravish me senseless. Let me lick you and such you dry. Show you that I ought to be yours and take you at any wave. 

You thread your fingers in my hair, tighten around your fist. Then you move my head, drive your cock into my mouth while you make me meet it half way. 

Drive me like I am your Mustang. Feel my tongue run along your shaft, your hardness, hard and turgid. 

“I am close” you tell me. Then you slam into me until my face hits on your groin. Make my mouth your little boneless you. 

Then I begin to taste the salty, masculine taste of your essence. Spill your seed in my mouth. “Swallow it all. Drink from me baby” you tell me in your husky and sexy voice. 

I abide. Drink you up, all over you. Let you glide down my throat. Let me get high on you. 

The you withdraw and let me lick you dry. 

“Good girl” the merriment and gratification from your voice pleases me deeply, daddy. 

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